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  1. scat pack
    scat pack antonellomopar
    Hi Antonello, do you still have the WHITE GT (you don't like, because of the colour ;-)))......) ? You restored it to original specifications? You would sell the car? Nice day down to Italy!!! Frank (Germany).
  2. Jeremy Sjogren
  3. dart4forte
    dart4forte Stormer
    Hey Stormer, I understand you did a C body with a late model Hemi?
    1. Stormer
      Jan 23, 2017 at 8:44 PM
    2. Stormer
      Just saw yours. Nice work.
      Jan 23, 2017 at 9:03 PM
  4. Rusty Foster
    Rusty Foster schwarzsurfer
    I have 3 Hursts if you are still looking!
  5. 65 sportfury
    65 sportfury wizard
    I'm in need of a power brake pedal assembly for a 65-68 c body. Just posting on your profile so I don't get lost. Thanks
  6. tdenkler
    tdenkler mikebee
    still have gas tank? any good?
    I live in Greeneville tn 37743
    I could prob pick up
    Tom Denkler
    1. mikebee
      Tank was bad....very bad.
      Jan 11, 2017
  7. tdenkler
    tdenkler C Body Bob
    where is this junkyard? is it open to the public? info?
    Tom Denkler
    1. C Body Bob
      C Body Bob
      Just a random pic from the net
      Jan 6, 2017
  8. 65sportfury
    65sportfury BUBBAZ488
    Do you still have the arm rest pads???? I am interested in them
  9. Jon Tessier
    Jon Tessier polara71
    Hey Dave. This is Jon from ny. We're looking at hotels for Carlisle. Where are you staying, or do you recommend any that aren't to pricy?
    1. polara71
      Glad to see you considering Carlisle again. They're all pricey. Last year we were pushed to the Holiday Inn in Shippensburg. Nice place, discounted because of our displacement from the one in Carlisle. Give them a try. We are in the Holiday Inn Express this year again but it should be in Carlisle. ........
      Jan 1, 2017
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    2. Jon Tessier
      Jon Tessier
      Yes we are planning on going to Carlisle this year. Should be fun. It was great seeing you and your wife at the valley.
      Jan 1, 2017
    3. Jon Tessier
      Jon Tessier
      All booked for Carlisle. Ended up at best Western in anola. And registered for the show.
      Jan 1, 2017
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  10. 65sportfury
    65sportfury BUBBAZ488
    Do you still have the arm rest pads??
  11. 65sportfury
    65sportfury BUBBAZ488
    Hi, Do you still have the rear convertible arm rest pads? I am interested in them.
  12. sb61fury
    I am in the process of wetsanding the body of the'61 to get it smooth and prepaired for the primer
  13. texas gator
    texas gator
    "Now daddy ran whiskey in a big block Dodge"
  14. 65sportfury
    65sportfury BUBBAZ488
    Hi, I am interested in the convert arm rest pads. Can you contact me at Thanks, Bob
  15. Plymouth
    67'Fury vert. 440 auto
  16. Kolina
    This was my dad's dream car brand new. Now I'm restoring her :) 76,000 kms
  17. Polara-69
  18. Polara-69
  19. Don Clemenceau
    Don Clemenceau mopar_4life
    Thanks for the information.
  20. Don Clemenceau
    Don Clemenceau mopar_4life
    Enjoyed seeing your progress. I'm working on a 1965 Custom 880 Convertible. Its the same color. Having to replace a few floor pans also had some rust in the firewall air vents also. Do you have a color numbers my VIN plate is in door frame but ID plate from left side under hood is gone. Thanks. Don
    1. mopar_4life
      Sweet, The Color is code is DD Medium Blue. This might help to build another tag. If you can come up with all of the options we might be able to assemble the correct options.

      This should get you started.
      Dec 18, 2016