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  1. Glenner
    Glenner FURYGT
    Hi, I’m interested in buying one of the electronic voltage regulators you sell. Can I buy via this site?
  2. 72 Brougham
    72 Brougham
    Hello fans I'm an owner of a 1972 New Yorker Brougham 2 door with 38,000 mi information or help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Johndavidhensley
    Johndavidhensley marty koirtyohann
    Hi Marty
    This is Johndavid from Long Island . We met on Facebook and has some calls when we were having distributor 180 degrees out. Lol
    How are you sir?
  4. Superhero911
  5. mopark477
    mopark477 C Body Bob
    Hi C Body Bob, I was looking at the post about Ried Whisnant pro stock duster and was wondering if there was any updates on the progress. I am friends with Tom Wallace that was Reid's mechanic and engine builder for that car after Bird left. I have the original keystone wheels (The very ones in the picture posted) that were on that car if the owner is interested.
    1. C Body Bob
      C Body Bob
      Have not heard any updates. Do you know John & Deny Laube or Mark Williamson
      Mar 20, 2019 at 2:07 AM
    2. mopark477
      No sir , I don't know either of them. i just know Tom Wallace and he worked for Reid and would take me to the shop when I was 12 years old . it was the coolest. I have been a fan ever since. he ended up with some stuff from the car over the years and acquired them from him.
      Mar 20, 2019 at 8:38 AM
    3. C Body Bob
      C Body Bob
      John, Deny & Mark are on Facebook. They just restored Butch Leals Duster, & two MOPAR Missle Cars. There also a group on Facebook fit the 70’s MOPAR Pro Stock Cars. Lots of info
      Mar 20, 2019 at 10:10 AM
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  6. Toomunsch
    willpower made that old car go
  7. Dylan Galvin
    Dylan Galvin
    Im lifting a barebones 383, basically just a block with heads. Where are the best lifting points? Im using an engine leveler from Torin.
  8. PeugFra
    PeugFra moparnutcase
  9. PeugFra
    PeugFra 73 grancoupe
  10. 440sportfury
    440sportfury C Body Bob
    HiBob I was looking to purchase a 1968 plastic gauge cluster mine is a column shift has a clock. I am actually looking for one that is in working order. Thank you Bob I look forward to hearing from you sincerely Frank Beaury {440 sport fury
  11. sdweatherman
    sdweatherman Moseman
    Hey Moseman, did I see a post from you that said that you saved the 78 sunroof Chrysler out of Beach ND? Kudos if you did! Scott from the Sunroof Registry.
  12. 65300NY
    I do believe I have both lens. I'll check tonight and get back to you asap. Thanks
  13. slappys garage
    slappys garage
    The big girl is back out and creepin around on the streets
  14. PeugFra
    PeugFra 69CoronetRT
    Just ran across your ad for databooks etc. If still available, I'll have the 1975 Plymouth set (for C-body, I suppose.)
  15. Johndavidhensley
    1969 Plymouth Fury convertible. Go Fund Me Raffle. Refreshed n restored. Turn key drive
  16. Johndavidhensley
    1969 Plymouth Fury convertible
  17. Triple Pickle
    Triple Pickle
    Had a few drinks. Saw a few things.
  18. Vinsanity
    Vinsanity 65300NY
    Hi was was wondering if you still have taillight lens..
  19. Auto Transport City
    Auto Transport City
    Auto transport city the best leading platform for the shippers and customers to ship their cars within secure payment.
  20. Tfin
    Tfin Ross Wooldridge
    Ross is your fury a 4speed with power brakes? If so could you take a picture of the pedals? Are they the same length?