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  1. navajo denny
    navajo denny polara71
    go away old old old man your disgusting except on this site . but you know your the old troll of the young trolls. get a life old man
  2. Misty’s 62’ 300
    Misty’s 62’ 300
    I’m looking for a radiator/ fan shroud for my 62 Chrysler 300. It has 413ci engine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Glenner
    Glenner Mopargirl77
    Hi from the Island. Have you joined the local chapter of the WPC Club? You may find some leads there...
  4. Michael Johnson
  5. 70_NPORT
    Enjoying the long weekend
  6. 70_NPORT
    Watching Indepdence day speech by Pres. Trump
  7. Magnumcharger
    Magnumcharger Dobalovr
    Good day Sir. I'm wondering if you might have any old photos of Chinook Chrysler in Calgary. I need a good photo of the front of the dealership for a project I'm doing for a customer. Thanks!
    1. Dobalovr
      I will check my sources and get back to you!
      Jul 2, 2019
  8. Derek berry
    Derek berry
    Any good online web sites to find parts for my 65 Monaco just found vans auto parts but are there any other good sites out there
  9. WillyB
    Hi guys. Thanks for the add. I’m restoring my 65 back to my fathers old police car. I’m having trouble finding a few things.
  10. patrick66
    patrick66 boltupal
    How much on the steering wheel? I'd rather know your asking price first. I don't do "how much will you give me?" offers. Tell me what you want for it and we'll go from that point, thanks.
  11. Fury2-1969
    New paint for Big Mo
  12. swartzed
    Midwest Member
  13. Hemi pwr
    Hemi pwr Trace 300 Hurst
    Hi I was told you know a guy that can rebuild my 6 way power seat switchs do you still have the contact info ...thanks
  14. Devinism
    Devinism boostedvan
    I would be interested in cluster#2, but just the switches, the clock+knob assembly, and the little plate for the top switch that says UP/Down. I fear the complete cluster would get broken in shipping, and it will be much cheaper to ship the parts I need.
    Would you be willing to do this?

    Thank you
    Devin Duke
    Grants Pass , Oregon
    530 520-7427 is the best way to message me.
  15. moparagogo
    moparagogo Xenon
    Let me know what you want for the wheels.
    I really don't need the caps
  16. zombie
    Is there anyway to track your vehicles past history online from born on date ?
  17. JDX
    JDX KL1
    the forum says I can not respond to you
  18. Coupe De Ville
    Coupe De Ville
    It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.
  19. ImpCrown'68b
  20. desotoman
    upstate n.y