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  1. sts1985
    sts1985 Moparmat2000
    When you updated your dash lights to the LED strip. How did you go about making the connections to the plug holder?
  2. 69psf
    69psf 71Polara383
    Saw your post of spare parts and thought I'd ask if you might have a dual ac/heater core in working condition for sale. Greg
  3. cgunz410
    cgunz410 rags
    Hope you get this message, I wanted to get some more info on your Lincoln Hydroboost setup for my 67 Fury. Was there anything special you had to do, or can I just pull the Hydrobooster and master from the 74-79 lincoln, and then go about my disc brake conversion?
    1. cgunz410
      I understand the brake lines might be different and I'll have to use the correct proportioning valve. Just want to know about mounting the booster to the firewall, connecting the pedal, and if I need to change anything with the Power Steering pump.
      Aug 13, 2019 at 9:12 AM
  4. Dylan Galvin
  5. Sport Lux
    Sport Lux 70 Sport Suburban
    I'm buying my first Plymouth fuselage. I will hit you up for parts and ideas soon probably. New to the site. How do I see pics of your Sport Suburban?
    1. 70 Sport Suburban
      70 Sport Suburban
      This is the only pic I have of my wagon on this site. If your interested I don't mind texting pics of it. If you want my cell just let me know.
      Aug 6, 2019
  6. haywire 440
    haywire 440 marko
    Your inbox is full, I have #2984912 ‘70 dash piece for sale on this site.
  7. Sport Lux
    Sport Lux
    Hello C Bodies only forum... I'm glad to finally be here. I have a 1970 TNT Chrysler 300 with console shift, and a 1970 Sport Suburban.
  8. tvaluke
    tvaluke FURYGT
    Hi there- read your post on moving to North Carolina- I had to laugh. I moved from wolcott Connecticut to Jacksonville Florida area about 15 years ago and we have just started the process of half backing to nc- yes, it’s the heat!! And we miss the seasons. We’re looking into the Greensboro greater area- all about the jobs after all- look forward to seeing you at a show in the coming years!
    Best wishes,
    1. FURYGT
      We have family in Wolcott. We looked into Florida but found it to hot and wanted more of a New England look to the area, not skinny Pine trees and ugly Cypress trees.
      Aug 5, 2019
    2. tvaluke
      Man, you got that right- the landscape here is not at all inspiring. I do admit though that I’ve been spoiled by the cost of living. Low property taxes no car tax no emissions no vehicle inspections etc
      But we’re willing to pay up for a little more of what feels like home. Perhaps one day our paths will cross - good luck in the big move!
      Aug 5, 2019
  9. jhp5
    Need more Chrysler's
  10. bonniebairn
    Long-time Mopar fan. Have owned (or currently own):
  11. mike Kliss
    mike Kliss Rapidtrans777
    Is that red fury gt in the pic for sale? Thanks Mike Lifelong b-body guy turned c-body!
  12. navajo denny
    navajo denny polara71
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  13. Misty’s 62’ 300
    Misty’s 62’ 300
    I’m looking for a radiator/ fan shroud for my 62 Chrysler 300. It has 413ci engine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Glenner
    Glenner Mopargirl77
    Hi from the Island. Have you joined the local chapter of the WPC Club? You may find some leads there...
  15. Michael Johnson
  16. 70_NPORT
    Enjoying the long weekend
  17. 70_NPORT
    Watching Indepdence day speech by Pres. Trump
  18. Magnumcharger
    Magnumcharger Dobalovr
    Good day Sir. I'm wondering if you might have any old photos of Chinook Chrysler in Calgary. I need a good photo of the front of the dealership for a project I'm doing for a customer. Thanks!
    1. Dobalovr
      I will check my sources and get back to you!
      Jul 2, 2019
  19. Derek berry
    Derek berry
    Any good online web sites to find parts for my 65 Monaco just found vans auto parts but are there any other good sites out there
  20. WillyB
    Hi guys. Thanks for the add. I’m restoring my 65 back to my fathers old police car. I’m having trouble finding a few things.