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  1. Rick Teribury
    Rick Teribury
    Where do I look to find out what number my car was built out of how many & how many were built with my particular options etc. Thanks
  2. Mr. Romeo
    Mr. Romeo
    My 1978 Chrysler Newport.
  3. slick
    slick ezslim
  4. Mdfury
    Mdfury WissaMan
    Hi... From northeast maryland....
  5. Light
    Light Ripinator
    Hello Ripinator,

    Michael Madden told me that you are in search of some new front turn lences?

    Best from germany

    1. Ripinator
      Martin: A year ago, I acquired what I thought were NOS turn signal lenses. The lenses turned out to be someone's repops that don't fit into the opening in the bumper very well. Therefore, I'm looking for correct alternatives. . . Rip
      Sep 12, 2019 at 8:09 AM
    2. Light
      Only have repros,too. So you have to look further...
      Sep 13, 2019 at 8:11 AM
    3. Ripinator
      Hey. Thanks again.
      Sep 13, 2019 at 10:18 AM
  6. Greg M
    Greg M
    In to it.
  7. hemi71x
    hemi71x xxcarguy
    Well, Galen, what got you to Oklahoma? out of good ol Lodi?
    Must have been a long time ago.
    I still stop off in Lodi, all the time, saying hi, to an Air Force friend, that lives in the city.
    Trips to the Stockton, Pick-N-Pull aren't as frequent anymore, but i get up and down the 99, still.
    My e mail is.
    Jim V.
    Jim Valuckas
    hemi71x (all over the internet)
  8. xxcarguy
    xxcarguy hemi71x
    Hey Jim
    Galen from Lodi.
    Now in Broken Arrow,Ok
  9. mrfury68
    Luke, a few guys who knew your dad are still there. Scott Dunn is the superintendent , Carl Procoffie & Al Angeletti.
    1. Luke Pokrajac
      Luke Pokrajac
      Wow, I'm surprised that guys who knew him are still around. He passed away in 2011. He knew that place inside/out...and I do mean that. He was on the Authority from day 1. I think he knew the size of every interceptor in BP.
      Sep 12, 2019 at 7:02 AM
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    2. mrfury68
      You are right, day 1. He is on the original plaque from '57 when the plant opened and 2 major expansions in '78 & '91. We just finished another expansion last year. Very state of the art. I understand he was also involved with the BPVFD. What a great community servant.
      Sep 12, 2019 at 9:48 PM
  10. Heather Howell
    Heather Howell
    Wanted 64 Dodge 880 bumpers front and rear
  11. Luke Pokrajac
    Luke Pokrajac mrfury68
    You're from Bethel am I!! I moved away in 1996.
    1. mrfury68
      Small world. I moved to BP in '05. Grew up in Carrick. I work for the municipality at the wastewater treatment plant. I recognized your last name because the was a George Pokrajac on the authority board for years and his name is on a few plaques at the plant. Yours is a uniqe name that could only be from western PA.
      Sep 4, 2019
    2. Luke Pokrajac
      Luke Pokrajac
      Small world...George was my dad...any of the old guys at the WWTP would know him...but they're probably long gone. My name is definitely Pittsburgh (Serbian).
      Sep 5, 2019
  12. Grammys78
    Grammys78 1978 NYB
    1978 NYB. I found this site looking for parts for our family's heirloom 1978 New Yorker Brougham and hence found you with apparently the same issue we are having with the windshield wiper "linkage bushing"? I saw your post from 2012 and the picture looks just like the part I've been trying to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. KITZY 66
    KITZY 66
    Married male
  14. Chad Lewton
    Chad Lewton david hill
    Hi David. Nice meeting you at the Teeter show and hopefully will see you at some upcoming shows. Thanks for your help with my situation on the tail light and was fortunate to find one for $100! Shipping out this week.
  15. sts1985
    sts1985 Moparmat2000
    When you updated your dash lights to the LED strip. How did you go about making the connections to the plug holder?
  16. 69psf
    69psf 71Polara383
    Saw your post of spare parts and thought I'd ask if you might have a dual ac/heater core in working condition for sale. Greg
  17. cgunz410
    cgunz410 rags
    Hope you get this message, I wanted to get some more info on your Lincoln Hydroboost setup for my 67 Fury. Was there anything special you had to do, or can I just pull the Hydrobooster and master from the 74-79 lincoln, and then go about my disc brake conversion?
    1. cgunz410
      I understand the brake lines might be different and I'll have to use the correct proportioning valve. Just want to know about mounting the booster to the firewall, connecting the pedal, and if I need to change anything with the Power Steering pump.
      Aug 13, 2019
  18. Dylan Galvin
  19. Sport Lux
    Sport Lux 70 Sport Suburban
    I'm buying my first Plymouth fuselage. I will hit you up for parts and ideas soon probably. New to the site. How do I see pics of your Sport Suburban?
    1. 70 Sport Suburban
      70 Sport Suburban
      This is the only pic I have of my wagon on this site. If your interested I don't mind texting pics of it. If you want my cell just let me know.
      Aug 6, 2019
  20. haywire 440
    haywire 440 marko
    Your inbox is full, I have #2984912 ‘70 dash piece for sale on this site.