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  1. Ryan65
  2. Ryan65
    Alive and well hope to be able to Cruz the ride soon
  3. Dominique Williams
    Dominique Williams
    Looking for a 318 engine harness the 3 clip harness in engine bay Any selling a good condition one or have any ideas where to purchase one
  4. carrman
    carrman Devinism
    Devin you in GP or McMinnville? I'm in Rogue River.
    1. Devinism
      We have landed in McMinnville after enjoying GP for almost a year
      Apr 6, 2020 at 10:36 AM
    2. carrman
      Very cool, love to have C bodies guys in my home state!
      Apr 6, 2020 at 2:27 PM
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  5. Mr. Jari P. Ängeslevä
    Mr. Jari P. Ängeslevä
    Imperial 2D HT LeBaron project at full swing
  6. Mr. Jari P. Ängeslevä
    Mr. Jari P. Ängeslevä
    Hey Imperial enthusiasts, my 1970 Imperial LeBaron 2D HT project is at full swing and I have posted some new pics to my garage page.
  7. 67 polara
    67 polara
    I'm trying to locate a power steering bracket for a 67 Polara 383 motor. I have a TRW pump.
  8. Xavi3r
    Xavi3r FinFury

    you mailbox is full ! do you still have the file for the headlight motor gear please ?

  9. 67 polara
    67 polara
    Finally have my Dodge in a garage. Now the TLC will begin!
  10. straightjob
    Hope you all are well in these times
  11. straightjob
    Car has 15 inch Would a 15x8 work? What’s a good size tire 235 70 15 ? I can find any packages !!!
  12. straightjob
    Hey looking for magnum rims
  13. marty mopar
    marty mopar
    dead or worse
  14. mopar E
    mopar E
    70 Fury in long time slumber!
  15. trunkspace
    quarantined in my car!!!
  16. Daves66newport
    Daves66newport Newport 66
    Hey buddy. Hows the weather over there.. still needing parts if u can call me. Dave, 7403848006
    1. Newport 66
      Newport 66
      Hey! Warming up before the
      What's on your list again?
      I'll head over tomorrow.
      Thanks for your patience
      You can call or txt me 608-412-2017
      Mar 17, 2020
  17. ideologist
  18. mike Kliss
    mike Kliss 71Polara383
    Do either of those Monaco's have a good lower rear window area and Dutchman panel? Thanks Mike
    1. 71Polara383
      Nope. Sorry.
      Mar 12, 2020
  19. SF-66TC
    SF-66TC 75LandYacht
    No problem. Glad it found a good home! Thanks
  20. SF-66TC
    SF-66TC 75LandYacht
    Antenna? Just for clarification, your reply (#4) was to the post was about the "C Body Battery Tray Hold Down Kit" 128 Cotter St. SF, CA 94112
    1. 75LandYacht
      Ops. very sorry I misunderstood. I mailed that out to another member weeks ago, they needed it more than me so I no longer have it. Apologies for the confusion.
      Mar 12, 2020