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  1. Davea Lux
    Davea Lux 3_300s
    I would like to buy your sport fury marker lights if you still have them.
    Dave Lux
  2. Davea Lux
    Davea Lux
    correct name should be Dave not Davea, I have a sticking a key on my keyboard.
  3. jgallagher
    jgallagher Rusty Foster
    After sending the up close pictures to the man that wanted it 1st he has declined. He seemed to think there was some discoloring where the the previous owner shoved things up on the dash and possibly the sun discolored it after wearing the protective finish. Just letting you know maybe it isnt something you want after that information/opinion. If you still want to pursue it or the bumper let me know.
  4. pomonamissel
    will send pics to your email .
  5. pomonamissel
    yes it a california car all it life , i can shoot more pics , well there is a lot of stuff in front of it that don't move easy .
  6. canuck62
    canuck62 pomonamissel
    Do you have any idea how long it's been sitting? Still a California car?
    Any more photos?
    Do you have a price in mind?
  7. Rusty Foster
    Rusty Foster jgallagher
    And a set of saddle (tan) 300 door panelsâ˜ș
  8. Rusty Foster
    Rusty Foster jgallagher
    Thanks ! I will take it if he dosnt what car do you have? Im looking for a front bumper as well!
    1. jgallagher
      I have a 1970 300. It has a green interior but a tan dash. The bumper is there but a part that has a small area on the underneath that is pulled in slightly from me I think pulling on the trailer couple years back. Other than that it's in good shape. I ll send picture . My email is jgallagher@montezuma. if you email me I I'll get you the pictures.
      Mar 21, 2017
  9. Rusty Foster
    Rusty Foster jgallagher
    Hi im very interested in the dash pad! Itlooks like its there any ddiscoloration?
    1. jgallagher
      I had a person possibly want it already. If you send me an email I'll send some closer pictures. The finish is rubbed off in front of the driver I suppose from shoving things on the dash. All the rest of the dash has that black gum that bubbles up on old mopars. I not sure if it would be disclosed our not after cleaning and putting finish back on the rubbed/ used spot.
      Mar 21, 2017
    2. jgallagher
      It's tan yes
      Mar 21, 2017
    BIGBARNEYCARS saforwardlook
    You and me both Steve. Jer
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  11. 73 suburban
    73 suburban bluefury361
    outstanding to meet you Thursday, I think. After you left, I remembered hwy 11 was closed for bridge down near Pachuta .probably a 10 mile go around. Anyway hope to see you around.
  12. Rickraff
    Hello C-Body folks! I'm new to this forum thing. I'm am currently tinkering with my moms 65 fury and have about a million questions
  13. SportFuryRag
    SportFuryRag polara71
    I am unable to start my 1969 Sport Fury w. the key. Have to jump it with a screwdriver at the ballast resistor... any idea where the issue is with this (ignition switch?) It had an electronic ignition conversion put in, but worked for years afterwards....Any thoughts?
  14. moelicious
  15. Davews
    Davews polara71
    Hello Dave, it's Dave again... I was wondering if you still had contact info for Rich. Thanks
  16. Davews
    Davews polara71
    Hello Dave.... Thank you and all the other guys on the site for your kind words... This event has really hurt but hearing all the other guys stories and words of understanding help...
    BIGBARNEYCARS 70bigblockdodge
    Never picked up on your Brides having any issue when we had that St Pauli afternoon ah while back My Friend. Welcome to the world I THINK, Jer
    1. 70bigblockdodge
      I can be embarrassing LOL
      Been running my but off this week I could use a St. Pauli girl. We are going to be on the south side of Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks end of June till weekend before Carlisle we will have to get together in the middle.
      Mar 9, 2017
  18. 69polara440
    69polara440 MrMoparCHP
    Alan, I have another question for you or Ron, I am looking for the piece that goes from the manifold to the alternator bracket for a Leece Neville alternator. Any ideas as where to get one? I have the other two pieces to it. Thanks again for your expertise I have learned so much from your thread!
    1. MrMoparCHP
      Mar 2, 2017
  19. tunaboat75
    It's not about the miles per gallon, its about the smiles per gallon
    BIGBARNEYCARS bluefury361
    Oscar= A species of fresh water Cichlid (One of many Species of fish) Primarily native to the African continent, Lake Tanzania in particular. The female will "park" their eggs on flat rocks on the lake bottom and and after the male fertilizes them she'll hover over them 'til tha hatch and hurt real bad any and all intruders that come near. Now aren't you glad you ask MY Friend. My bit of trivia for the day, Jer