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  1. C Sickness
    C Sickness halifaxhops
    I'm trying to scare up a fresh primary lead for my '70 Chrysler 300 440. When I tug on mine the engine breaks up and misfires. Do you know of a common part number, like Napa or Standard, or do you sell these?
    Thanks, Ted
  2. Shamu70
    Shamu70 fury fan
    Hey there, I think we used to chat on mopar_c_body.....years ago. I’m Jack M.
  3. sb61fury
    its running but I got to get the horn, brake lights & front turn signals working .
  4. Shamu70
    Fun from any angle....or situation.
  5. Shamu70
    70 Stroker Newport!
  6. Shamu70
    Thought I'd update my picture. Put the right engine I t
  7. Western Carper
    Western Carper pomonamissel
    Yo any 66-68 c body 4 speed parts around?
  8. Wolf
    Car runs and drives good. Being sold "as is" however, it is 48 yrs old. Happy Birthday.
  9. Wolf
  10. detmatt
    detmatt ricks_RR
    Hey Rick, your mailbox is full. Post up in whatever thread you’re referring to. I don’t have the doner car yet and the rear foot wells in the convertible are shot so if I still have this car when I do get the doner I’ll be using those floors in this car.
  11. ricks_RR
    ricks_RR detmatt
    hi matt
    this is rick with the 68 imperial convert how are the floors behind the drivers seat
  12. david hill
    david hill Ripinator
    Ripinator thanks for your order. Calendars are 17.00 + shipping. Payment is check or money order. Will have shipping sorted out by Monday. Tried to PM you, all I got was a error message. Will get in touch w/ details Monday. David
    1. Ripinator
      Thanks, David. I'll check my PM setup.
      Nov 21, 2020
  13. Catfish-65
    Catfish-65 halifaxhops
    Hello. I was told by Ross Wooldruff ,, that you may be able to help me,,, I need a cap hold down clip for a 65 383 Prestolite dist. and also a vacumn advance for a 65 Mopar 383 dist. (tan cap). I,m in Fort Erie,Can. Dave Catfish-65
  14. JackRabbitJim
    JackRabbitJim mobileparts
    I was told that you may be able to help with rotors for my 1970 Imperial Crown.
  15. Dr. Dodge
    Dr. Dodge
    Born and raised in the house of Mopar.
  16. Catfish-65
    Catfish-65 Ross Wooldridge
    Ross if you want send me a # and I,ll call you.... Dave
  17. Catfish-65
    Catfish-65 Ross Wooldridge
    Hi Ross, looking four the distributor cap retaining spring for a mid 60s Prestolite distributor. I,m installing a big block into my 65 Polara and everything is good on the distributor except one broken spring. it mounts with one screw on the side of the distributor body,, also I,m looking for a vacumn advance for a 1965 Mopar built distributor. Dave
  18. MacLebaron
    MacLebaron C Body Bob
    Hi C Body Bob, I wanted to see if you have any rear brake drums for a 1969 Imperial. These have a 5 on 5 bolt pattern and they are 11" x 3" size. If not, do you have any other parts for a 69?
    1. C Body Bob
      C Body Bob
      No sir. Got a few things from a 73 that’s about it for Imperials
      Nov 11, 2020
    2. MacLebaron
      Ok, thanks for letting me know. I will most likely be back in touch on something else.
      Nov 12, 2020
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  19. Travis75az
    Travis75az Fun_Fury
    Man, your Fury looks killer! Where did you get the hood scoop?
  20. Richard Reau
    Richard Reau cbarge
    Hi CBARGE, I got the Putco harness. I see the following;
    *Two relays and plugs for those relays, that makes perfect sense.
    *Two red leads which go the the + side of the battery, again that makes sense.
    *One male plug, but where does it go? I'm guessing it plugs into the first socket off the far left headlamp?
    *Two female plugs. So, there I have two female plugs, but I have 4 headlamps. . Thanks, Rich in Tampa