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  1. Chryslerdude
    If only I had more money, time, space, and a blind fold for the old misses..
  2. Piot
    Piot Ramtuff53
    Hi there. I might be interested in buying it.
    Let me know when you are ready to sell.
    Thanks. Piot (818)531-6137
  3. ken lowrey
    ken lowrey
    Got those eyebrow headlight area and lower front and side !! 57 Desoto Chrysler how can I post a pic?
  4. mrb4511
    mrb4511 Iabuckhunter
    I need the Right fender front trim. Connects with the other 4 pieces to finish out the hood trim. - goes along the front edge of the fender
    I can't think how to describe the piece as other than; ... screws to the very front edge of the right front fender and is aluminum.
    Thanks for your time
  5. 68moparmike
    68moparmike 1augapfel
    Do you still have roofrack and other parts?
  6. Splert
    Splert wizard
    Thought I read you had 67’ 300. If you still have and are selling any parts I a interested in the passenger side rear tail light and a few other parts. Let me know if you are interested.
    1. wizard
      Yes, have a 67 convert, don't think I have the tail light. What other parts you after and any interchange of other cars work?
      Dec 24, 2017
  7. ken lowrey
    ken lowrey
    Made left side eye brows inside and skin !! Makeing drivers side! 1957 parts you need!!
  8. Not Right
    Not Right
    "20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did do" -Mark Twain
  9. pomonamissel
    i'll check out my stock of them . thinking a have a good used one .
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  10. Splert
    Splert pomonamissel
    I am looking for a passenger side rear tail light for a 1967 chrysler 300 if you have one and interested in selling.
  11. Splert
    Splert T.ogle
    I am looking for a passenger side rear tail light for a 1967 chrysler 300 to replace a cracked one. Let me know if you have one and interested in selling.
  12. Cody Dufrene
    Cody Dufrene Bart
    Hey Bart. My number is 985-974-2811
  13. ken lowrey
    ken lowrey
    Glad to join! Hope all is building there dream car!
  14. mikedrini
    mikedrini hemi71x
    Hey hemi, I saw your post on B bodies only for rear brake parts. Do you still have those backing plates for sale? Thanks, Mike
  15. william spieth
    william spieth
    this is my 66 plymouth fury 3 1968 440 motor edelbrock intake and 4 barrel carb steel crank 1973 A727 auto trans time to start my project
  16. 1966300sleeper
    Trying to post pics! Not sure how to!! Somebody give me a clue please!!
  17. Kimmo
    Kimmo 70NPORT
    hieno rysleri.
  18. Rodger Rogensues
    Rodger Rogensues
    Newer member. Just picked up 1968 Newport Convertible and 1973 Polara with factory 440
  19. swartzed
    swartzed detmatt
    how far are you from the 1969 Fury 111 in Detroit Metro, Wayne Co?
  20. Steve okones
    Steve okones FURYGT
    Bill I'll take350.00 and split the shipping if that's ok use PayPal send I'll ship and let you Know what half is I left.Murry message mentioned you were buying and I would deal with him when he finds could be awhile, I could use money to pay plater for chromium parts are packed and waiting,what's your address