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  1. shaun65Polara
    got the LOKAR Shifter in.
  2. badvs3vil
    1973 Chrysler Newport Custom
  3. 70bigblockdodge
    70bigblockdodge pomonamissel
    Clean out your inbox!!!
    Do you have a plan for that 73 W200 club cab?
  4. Michael spade
    Michael spade Tsarofcars
    Still avaiable?
  5. cretin90
    Hello Forum....I'll just be over here, listening.
  6. Shamu70
    Shamu70 fury fan
    That's me. Still in Wheaton, IL.
  7. B to C
    B to C Dimitri Romanenko
    Any chance you might want to sell the door and rear seat interior panels? Thanks Mike 309-824-6220
  8. firedome
    firedome cbarge
    Hey Lea: Good to re-connect here! I tried a bunch of times to eMail. had some old ones I guess, what is your current-in-use one? The one I had was for an auto business eMail address?
    Still in the same house? When they open the border like to visit up sometime!
    Really like his '71 but he wants $10k US for it told me he paid $6500 CDN - sheesh!
    Roger A
  9. firedome
    firedome 78Brougham
    See you’ve got some interesting Brits! I’ve had a TR4a, TR250, 3 Spits, many MGB & MGB/GT, a Jag Mk2 3.8 4 psd, and a ‘68 E-Type FHC. Loved ‘em all. Those and Mopars and Olds are my loves. You’re not far from Bingo.
    Roger Anderson
    Endicott NY
    1. 78Brougham
      NICE! Quite a list.

      Not at all about 2 hours
      Apr 14, 2021
  10. Iwan Nigg
    Iwan Nigg
    looking for 1966 300er tail lights bezel!! I know these are hard to find.
  11. White rabbit
    White rabbit
    Anyone know if it's possible to convert a fury 2 coupe sedan into a convertible? Or is that too dangerous of an idea?
  12. Rhett
    Rhett tallzag
    Hello do you still have the NOS glove box light with part number 2864325? Thanks, Rhett
  13. MonacoBlue
    MonacoBlue LeBaron1973
    Hello mate! Do you know of an Aussie looking for Polara sedan vinyl top lower trim? Found a 73 junker here in the States and may have the option to get some pieces.
  14. 68customsub
    68customsub 70 Sport Suburban
    As in 440 with a 150 speedo?
  15. shaun65Polara
    tranny mount, pivot location for kickdown. ive got a Lokar auto floor mount to accompany the new 76 727 & stall conv . SUGGESTIONS PLS
  16. shaun65Polara
    transmission upgrade from orig 65 to a 76. SpeedCable bore,
  17. Mike McGuire
    Mike McGuire oldkimmer
    I received an alert to my wanted post concerning a 68 Newport power steering pump and brackets. I think they yanked my post since then citing it was not in the correct forum.
    If you have one, please let me know through private message, or please wait until I repost it in the correct forum.
    Mike McGuire.
  18. 1968 fury3 man:-)
  19. Binky1945
  20. Captnmike642
    Looking for info on this 69 sports grain of mine