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  1. Skeeter66
    Skeeter66 stubs300
    I can see why you made the comment that you did
  2. Rex Pyle
    Rex Pyle Slantsix
    Hi I'm new, what's that picture of?
    1. Slantsix
      Hi. You mean my profile picture? It´s -69 Newport 2d HT with 383 4bbl.
      Jul 18, 2018 at 12:19 PM
  3. Leadfootjesse
    Working on fixing my brake light issue at the moment the brake light switch has been replaced as well as the brake light bulbs. Still no go
  4. Bauhausfan
    UGH Not done....horn ring...then hit a "bump" during a test drive and lost all power - engine wiring harness...DVAP sending me harness.
  5. Zoomie
    Zoomie C Body Bob
    Hello Bob
    1. C Body Bob
      C Body Bob
      Jul 3, 2018
  6. Elizabeth
    So i am wanting to look up information about my car with the vin number but every app sayes it an invalid number .
  7. Elizabeth
    1970 Plymouth Fury iii iso - Side mirrors Fender Trim, tail light housing unit
  8. 73dodge
    73dodge polara71
    I have a question for you i am going down the road with my car and i get up to about 60 mph and it just dies like the ignition is shut off or no gas any ideas
  9. Rexer
    I'm looking to have some upholstery work done on the Polara. New top is installed and dent on the hood has been fixed.
  10. Shamu70
    I noticed here I last posted when it was a little too cold. Today it’s 95; no again for visiting.
  11. Andy Blaisdell
    Andy Blaisdell mlittle
    Sorry for the delay. I have not received any notifications of inquiries. As for the 1965 Fury front fender, are you still interested? Do you want the outside fender or the inner fender well as well? Would you be coming to my location and removing the fender?
  12. Pclancy
    Pclancy Kip Gardiner
    Dear Kip:

    I just sent you a reply to your 2017 post about weatherstripping. Could I ask you to look at this? Thanks.
  13. allcnty
    Looking for manual quarter window regulators for 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible. I have the old ones but they are worn.
  14. HercarNY
    Can someone tell me the best type of fuel to use with my car? I've been using clear, but is that my only option since that's not everywhere
  15. sb61fury
    The car is about ready for paint but I have decided for my safety I am not going to drive the car to cruise ins until new tires are on
  16. ImpJay
    Drooling when seeing a fusie Chrysler or An Imp.
  17. drpreposterous
    drpreposterous Pete Kaczmarski
    Hey--still entertaining any thought about selling the '79? I'd like to hear about it!
    1. Pete Kaczmarski
      Pete Kaczmarski
      Did you find the blogs etc in our archives. Do you have specific questions . As far as the price I thought about it and a fair and reasonable price in my mind is $4000. Lets me know.
      Jun 2, 2018
    2. drpreposterous
      Believe or not, I don't how to access the archives...
      Jun 2, 2018
  18. Steve okones
    Steve okones
    3 Arm rest bezels go under arm rest shinny plastic piece off my 66 300 very usable 20.00 including shipping
  19. Spyphish
    Spyphish Carmine
    Slander is a serious offense
    1. Carmine
      You're the guy who mentioned him, which made me google the name. I don't know him from Adam, just what the Baton Rouge newspaper wrote. I think your quarrel is with them.
      May 30, 2018
  20. Jamesj
    Iso of clutch brake pedal assembly