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    When I remove the old vinyl roof, do I have to remove the headliner too? (73 Imperial)

    4x bushings for upper control arm: Rare Parts #22150 TRW Ref.#TR12288 (was fitting) bushings for lower control arm: MS25486 (did not fit exactly, had to be welded!)
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    When I remove the old vinyl roof, do I have to remove the headliner too? (73 Imperial)

    I hope it won't be that nasty but I surely hope to get the vinyl roof off after my planned trip to Germany (BBTR) next year, to get the rust out, weld if needed and paint it, before the new vinyl can be attached. Certainly will help me to sleep better when the roof shines again without...
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    When I remove the old vinyl roof, do I have to remove the headliner too? (73 Imperial)

    My vinyl roof is now 48 years old and shrinked in the infamous areas behind the rear window - and therefore is a little bit torn there. When I want to completely remove the old vinyl roof, does this affect the windshield or the headliner? Can the windshield stay in place or should i remove it...
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    1972 overflow tank

    In my 73 Imperial it is looking like this:
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    73 Imperial LeBaron 4door Amber Firemist met.

    No bushings for the lower control arm are available right now, so the existing nearly-right bushings have been used as is - and welded with the lower control arm. The upper control arm bushings could be found (after some search) and were added as they should. Now there ist just the handbrake...
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    72/73 Imperial LCA Bushings

    Just to clarify by some pictures about the LCA bushings for the 73 Imperial. Supreme MS25486 didn´t fit. outside diameter: 38,45mm = 1,5137795in - but needs 39mm (=1,53543in), therefore it can´t be fixed/pressed in. Is there another TRW-No. maybe or something like that?
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    72/73 Imperial LCA Bushings

    Any news about the fitting of the Moog K791 and the 73 Imperials? Or is there another part that will fit and is available?
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    Another Very Good Video on Youtube again by "Adam" - 1972 New Yorker

    Fuselage styling from Chrysler Corp. started in 1968 as 69 models and lasted until 1973, when the C-Bodies were changed again to the "formal style". One of the most futuristic styling in the late 60ies IMO. And yes, I follow Adam´s Rare Classic Cars too on Youtube.
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    73 Imperial LeBaron 4door Amber Firemist met.

    While i am waiting for the correct wishbone bushings (lower and upper) i tried to correct some old photos of the Imperial, which came with the car. Are those bushings really different from NYBs or other C-bodies? They were delivered in wrong dimensions twice now... Maybe Chrysler changed the...
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    Short film - grab a beer

    Next time, I want to / will be part of it!
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    NOT MINE 1973 JB9 Midnight Blue NYB 4dr hardtop in Indianapolis (89k miles, $29k ask)

    There is a complete washer bottle inside, that alone makes for some $$$... ;)
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    My New Preferred Whitewalls for C Bodies

    Well, something like this double-stripe-design design was available at least in the beginning of the seventies - see the 1972 and 1973 ad from the brochure below. The inner stripe was wider than the outher stripe - i think that Diamondback still offers those WW-tires as "Jubilee" (for Cadillacs...
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    Welcome Joerg to FCBO!

    Hallo Carsten, ich bin beim BBTR schon angemeldet und hoffe dass es klappt (wenn er bis dahin typisiert ist). Schöne Grüße aus Wien, Jörg
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    73 Imperial LeBaron 4door Amber Firemist met.

    Haha, it´s gettin´ closer - the VIN-Tag shows "522", so just 2 days apart form May 24th of 1973. Which one is more realistic: The decal in the door - or the tag? Or does the tag just tell us what was planned?
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    Pertti's 1970 Imperial Lebaron

    I love that gold interior - and that pictures!