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    Photo of Factory Pinion Snubber 1965 Fury 4-Speed 8 3/4 489 Case

    My apologies if I might have read too much into your request, triggered by the "4-speed" notation, which I presumed to mean you were going to drag race the vehicle. Rather than seeking an image of the normal, stock item. My apologies, CBODY67
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    Photo of Factory Pinion Snubber 1965 Fury 4-Speed 8 3/4 489 Case

    Pinion snubbers used to be quite common in some drag racing classes. Might even be some pictures in the appropriate Mopar Performance catalog? Remember, too, that a pinion snubber can make the rear suspension "bottom out" sooner. Rather than use the center snubber, also extend the outboard...
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    Best high flow thermostat for a 1970 440?

    The old "Robert Shaw" brand of thermostats was used OEM by Chrysler for many years. Then the company got sold to another entity, back then, and Chrysler went to the normal style of thermostat, with no real issues that I recall. So, the "normal" style should work good enough, by observation, as...
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    1968 New Yorker 4Dr HT: Headlights dim with blinker and brake use

    How "dim" are the headlights getting? A slight amount is somewhat normal, but not a lot. Clean the battery post and cable end terminals with a wire brush cleaner. Then do a "charging system check" to see what's really happening.
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    Instrument cluster voltage limiter.....?

    It might take some doing, but peruse the FSM wiring schematic to see what feeds those bulbs themselves, which should have some connection to the i/panel light circuit, headlight switch, and panel dimmer function. I suspect that the lights themselves are fed from a common printed circuit item...
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    59 desoto firedome 4 dr project

    I always liked that style of DeSoto. Good find!
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    For Sale Polara 440 emblem

    There were a few "440" models that Dodge did in the middle 1960s or so. NOT related to engine size or when RB440s were in production.
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    New Muffler Sound Laws and Enforcement

    Testing exhaust sounds is nothing new. I recall seeing an article about taking a Shelby GT500 to Europe for a "tour". In Paris, I believe, the local cops pulled the car over for "excessive exhaust sound". They brought out the test microphone. Stepped back from the rear bumper a specified...
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    As that package had the ONLY 440/350 in it, all it really did was to give the Newport "300 or NY power". For many, "No big deal", I suspect. Now IF it had had the 440/375, that would have been a bit different, I suspect.
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    Remember, too, that OTHERS had engines bigger than "440". Ford/Mercury had "460", but no outside ornamentation about them. Chevy had "454" (with ornamentation) as other GM lines had their respective "455" engines. Other thing is that "the kid" was not buying the gas . . .
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    Fuel Gage not displaying properly

    How "off" is the gauge from what's perceived to be in the tank? Generally, the gauges back then were pretty accurate, but not completely so. Over time, I learned what the marks meant on our '66 Newport Town Sedan, from use and paying attention to how much it took to fill it up each time. If...
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    68 Fury 318 - what is this?

    The rebuildable fuel pumps were pretty much everywhere in the 1950s-60s and such. BEFORE they started to make the non-rebuildable ones for less money. Back when people rebuilt things rather than replacing them, as the replacements were more money. Local auto supplies usually had the rebuild...
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    1967 Chrysler Newport, selling soon, resolving title issues, what's it worth you think. Late son's - getting title issued to grandson. Altho

    Might get a better diagnosis of the cooling system issue. A blown head gasket can cause the cooling system to be over-pressurized and bulge the radiator hoses. Might also be leaking coolant into the cylinder(s), so a spark plug check might be in order. You can get a DIY kit to check for...
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    "Luxury brands" usually did not put engine designations on the outside of their cars. No real need as it was understood that their engines were "big" or "big enough", with few variations. OTOH, there were other cues, as to dual exhausts on most of the HP-engined models. But they sometimes did...
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    1967 Fury III 318 -> 440 questions

    "906" heads started in 1970. Non-induction hardened valve seats, but 1.74" exh valves. Usually used to lower the compression ratio on pre-1970 engines, but with a 2bbl, it started at 9.2 rather than 10.0, so not really needed for that purpose. Allegedly breathed better, but the larger exh...
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    WANTED Stock Steel Wheels

    As they are repros, I believe the WV items are claimed to accept all factory caps/covers, by them.
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    NOT MINE Magnum GT wheels (like 15x7 copcar but no hubcap nibs) ebay $600

    Seems like the SC 15x8 wheel has more of a normal silver paint on it. The Magnum GT 15x7s I have have a rough metalflake-type textured paint over the black paint on the wheel. Unlike any other wheel paint I've ever seen. That paint CAN be factory-applied thinner on some wheels, too, as I...
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    WANTED Stock Steel Wheels

    Otherwise known as "cop car wheels". Wheel Vintiques has them, too, or used to. Check, too. Look for the best price or any sales this time of the year.
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    Need a Windshield

    Not sure where your part number came from, but it might be good to find an old Chilton or MOTOR Crash Parts Manual to get the part number from. Not a "Chrysler" part number, but the "glass industry" part number. Check prior threads on the rubber seal you'll also need to do the job. I concur...
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    '66 Plymouth Fury (III) Brake Advice (needed)

    Yes, there are some advantages to drum brakes. Ease of use can be one of them, as to brake line pressures vs. pedal pressure. But since about 1970, there have been federal safety regulations as to pedal pressure specs, for power and manual brakes. BTAIM Just like ANY braking system, the...