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  1. Zakkowal

    Might be a doozy.

    Has anyone attempted the poor man's gasser stance by extending the upper ball joint (spacer) to give my 66 newport the gasser look.
  2. Zakkowal

    1966 Chrysler Newport four door question.

    I heard several rumors mostly revolving around 66 two door newports. But, I would like to try a different approach. I have a 66 Chrysler Newport 4 door. As a weekend garage warrior and average budget I would like to throw out this question. I have heard of un bolting the front frame and...
  3. Zakkowal

    C body fenderwell headers

    Anybody ever come across c body 383 fenderwell headers? Zak
  4. Zakkowal

    Welcome Zakkowal to FCBO!

    Owner of my first car since I was 16 years old. A 1966 Chrysler Newport 4 door. Location: Brainerd, MN