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    Detroit C Body T-Shirt

    Got this T-shirt yesterday at a place called RustBelt Market in Royal Oak MI. Was in the close out section for $10. Particular vendor’s booth is partly a Chevy LUV. They had a few more. Nice shirt, locally made and clearly a ‘72 Newport sedan.
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    NOT MINE ‘76 NYer Sunroof FB WV

    Looks straight and dry with a nice interior except the headliner. Unusual color scheme. Tired paint and the VT was peeled off and painted. Rednecky dual exhaust. Price needs significant negotiation IMHO. 1976 Chrysler New yorker · Brougham
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    NOT MINE 67 Fury VIP

    Looks pretty decent besides the dents on the trunk and the “coffee stains” on the front fender. Disc brakes for better or worse. Probably survived only because someone stole the rear end. Shame if it ended up in the derby what with that kind of money. 1967 Plymouth fury vip VIP
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    NOT MINE Copart ‘73 New Yorker coupe

    Seen worse. Nice colors. Nice looking interior Road wheels. Besides the vinyl top it’d probably clean up decently. Some reassembly required!!! 1973 Chrysler New Yorker in CA - Los Angeles (CS23T3C285880) for Sale – AutoBidMaster
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    NOT MINE ‘71 Polara sedan Copart

    Really stripped down but a big block and looks very dry. If you don’t mind all the fees! 1971 Dodge Polara 500 in CO - Colorado Springs (DE41L1D132355) for Sale – AutoBidMaster
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    NOT MINE Not Mine: ‘73 New Yorker Seattle

    Not the worst thing I’ve seen and the price seems ok. No vinyl top. Weird color combo. If somebody color changed it, they were pretty thorough. Bet it was pretty impressive, could probably be again with reasonable effort...
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    For Sale Not mine: ‘67 Fury VIP Auction

    Looks very nice. The fart cannons really seem to be the only detractors but easily remedied. Lot 45V – 1967 Plymouth VIP 2dr HT | VanderBrink Auctions
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    For Sale NOT MINE! ‘71 Gran Coupe Copart

    Body looks very decent. 360, no under hood shots. Don’t think it’s a flood car but there are some really funky Halloween decorations inside. Whatever snacked on the carpet must’ve used the speedo as the john. Too bad. Bet it stinks. Get your PPEs! Could be a good buy for a local. Fees and...
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    For Sale Not Mine: 70 Fury II Manual

    Looks like a real manly man machine. 318 with no air, PB or PS. Is that a stock three speed shifter? Reminds me of the one in a B series van. Hope the link works. Looks pretty decent besides the seat and the trunk. 1970 Plymouth Fury in TX - Ft. Worth (PL41G0F168329) for Sale – AutoBidMaster
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    WANTED American Racing VN402

    Have a set of “200S” Torque Thrusts residing on my van waiting to one day transfer to the right C body. Unfortunately one is bent and won’t balance. Looking for 5.50” lug pattern, 15x7 in driver condition if anybody has an odd one sitting around. Thanks Justin
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    For Sale NOT MINE: ‘71 Sport Fury Brougham

    On FB Market in Twin Falls, ID for $1200. Very weathered but fairly straight, not too rusty and nicely optioned. If it was closer or I had more time and a better tow rig I’d be the sucker. So terribly sorry if the link doesn’t work.
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    For Sale Not Mine: ‘67 Fury SW on FB

    Just tied up my money or I’d go scope this out. Hope the link works.
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    For Sale Not afraid of a little fire??? ‘73 Imperial

    And double the price with all the Copart fees. Actually looks pretty decent otherwise.
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    Hope This Doesn’t Get Parted Out

    Finally got down to Frankfort to check this pair of Furies on Craigslist for $800. Unfortunately...or fortunately, the other guy furnished the deposit he’d promised. 1970 & 1971 Plymouth Fury The ‘71 was really pretty amazing and mechanically solid. The seller explained he’d owned and daily...
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    Welcome JD Hall to FCBO!

    Just a working stiff, car geek. Kinda toying with idea of finding a Dodge 880 wagon or similar vintage Chrysler wagon. Location: Kentucky