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  1. Owen11x

    NOT MINE 1977 Chrysler New Yorker - 2 Door - Interesting Color Combo

    I meant I don't have Facebook, phone call is best I can do
  2. Owen11x

    NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Fast-top 383HP 4-speed $29k Maryland

    If I wasnt so broke, man that's a dream ride I absolutely love this thing as is!!!!
  3. Owen11x

    For Sale Imperial eagle mint

    These make great belt buckles I have made a couple over the years, 64-66 rear bumper ones are the best for them but if anyone wanted to re purpose one they are pretty cool to use for that.
  4. Owen11x

    NOT MINE Polara 6-pack

    Just not my type of car or body style all around i love the colors but not the scallops or stripes.
  5. Owen11x

    NOT MINE Polara 6-pack

    I'd pull drivetrain and ditch the rest. Shes hard to look at. Im sure its buyers regret for the re sales?
  6. Owen11x

    Wheel Choices For My Wagon

    Steelies and dog dish hubcaps are a knock out to if ya dont go torque thrust
  7. Owen11x

    Wheel Choices For My Wagon

    Torque thrust for sure
  8. Owen11x

    WANTED Front bumpers

    Oh my sweet baby jesus :wideyed: heaven
  9. Owen11x

    WANTED Front bumpers

    Yes, I sent you a PM today actually. I am a buyer for sure if we can get fastenal figured out
  10. Owen11x

    IMPERIAL Power Tool wall hanger

    Can ask jon, he's extremely nice. Give him a call.
  11. Owen11x

    Scam likely - Ceveat Emptor!

    YouTube "scammer payback" maybe that perogi guy that runs that channel can help you hes greatest busting scammers of all kinds
  12. Owen11x

    IMPERIAL Power Tool wall hanger

    My buddy has started making these for Milwaukee tools to be hung on the wall, yeah relax it's on a derby website but regardless it's cool and has the imperial bird.laser cut into it. he ships all over
  13. Owen11x

    WANTED Front bumpers

    Looking for some front bumpers that are dented and not restoration quality as long as no rust holes im interested in them 1974-78 newport, new Yorker fronts 74-76 monaco, gran fury fronts 76-77 charger, cordoba fronts Or if anyone has access to any I will buy 74-76 chevy caprice/impala...
  14. Owen11x

    For Sale Parting 70 imperial 4dr

    How hard is it to get cars from Canada to Wisconsin
  15. Owen11x

    How about a derby build thread??

    Heres some i was sent on facebook a couple days ago. Im guessing it was the "wecrash" Facebook group. With prices higher than willy nelson none will sell to other derby guys he's swinging for the fences with those whack prices
  16. Owen11x

    For Sale '67 Chrysler New Yorker

    I assumed that from the way it sitting in the ground, thank you for checking.
  17. Owen11x

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    Im so of my dream cars.. 68 monaco or polara 500 with a 4 speed. Out of the hundreds of cars I've owned I have never had a 4 speed C body. Even a nice clean ratty one I would love
  18. Owen11x

    Welcome, Rdd15

    Welcome from western wisco
  19. Owen11x

    For Sale 1979 newport wi

    Also would take 67/68 Newport or new yorker 4 door or 2 door fasttop on trade as a shell also Or 66-68 wagons or 74-78 wagon only sub frame cars no pinch frame