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    Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon Wanted

    Hello all, I did post in the Wanted section but figured in the Wagon section might catch someones eye. I am looking for a nice 75' 76 or 77 Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon, so does anyone have one they would look at selling? Know of one somewhere and can give me a lead? I will be very happy to hear...
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    WANTED Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon wanted.

    Hello all, do anyone have a nice 75' 76 or 77 Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon they would sell or can anyone give me a lead on one? Yes I know they are not easy to find just hoping one of you guys knows something I don't ( that would not be hard, HA )
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    Help with finding part numbers in the oh so frustrating parts book!

    I have looked at every page in the parts book and can not find a listing for the Left and Right side trim around the windshield on my 77 Gran Fury Wagon. Basicly the external pillar covers at the side of the screen. Should be simple right but it has beaten me. Can someone better at using the...
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    Help with Trim code please

    I have a parts manual for my 77 Plymouth Gran Fury wagon BUT the trim code on my plate is Q3TT and the book says it does not esist. Yes it is the Ultra Rare cloth seats but surely it should still be in the book? My problem is that the very rear Pass side piece of plastic trim on the roof pilla...
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    Replacing a lost Tital

    Hey guys, does anyone know the solution of how to get a replacement Tital for one that is lost??
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    Stupid 1977 Parts book

    Hello all. I consider myself to be of normal smarts, BUT I just can not find the part numbers for the rear grab handles on my 76 Town and Country in my parts book! I got as far as finding a picture of them but no numbers! Ok so I am sure one of you know the numbers and can tell me, but why the...
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    An easy and cheap way to refresh your Woodgrain without replacing it

    Hello all you wagon guys and gals with Woodgrain . I had already found that Inox was great for cleaning the whole wagon and making the old woodgrain look good but now i have found that if you soak the woodgrain for a couple of days with Inox and then wipe it down with facial tissues it comes up...
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    Windshield seal for 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco

    Hello all, as per the other thread I am replacing the windshield on my 77 Royal Monaco wagon and it looks to me like the windshield seal is the type that has wires in it and you heat it up with 32 volts so it becomes soft and sticky. Am I thinking along the right line? I remember the 70 Dodge...
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    Windshields for the 74-77 C Bodys should be available soon

    Ok, this is going to be really good news for anyone who has a 74-77 C Body Sedan or Wagon here in Australia, maybe not so much for the rest of the World but who knows. I have a cracked windshield on my Dodge Royal Monaco and it looks like my insurance company will pay to have them made since...
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    For Sale Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon wanted

    Hello, just checking in to say that if anyone has a nice Dodge Royal Monaco Brougham wagon they don't need or know of one I am still on the lookout. There must be a heap of them out there right ( HA ) hey I am even interested in a basket case for spare parts if you know of one so please feel...
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    Can anyone tell me the Color on this 1975 Royal Monaco Brougham wagon?

    I love this colour for a Monaco wagon but it does not seem to match any colour on my sales broucher. Please let me know what you think.
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    WANTED 1975-1977 Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon

    Hello all, I am still looking for a 1975-77 Dodge Royal Monaco ( hidden headlights ) wagon. I will look at anything from the best in the World to a parts wagon. So if you know of one, have seen one, heard of one please let me know. I will pay a spotters fee for good imformation. I will look at...
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    WANTED More parts needed for my 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury wagon

    Hello all, some idiot has but spotlight in my pillars so i am chasing the Outer and Inner trim to make repairs. I need the dark brown plastic inside trim as per picture please. I am also looking for the Cowl Vent plastic screens. All these parts should be the same from 74 to 77 Sedans and Wagons...
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    WANTED Stock 6 1/2 inch steel wheels

    Hey guys, does anyone have any stock 6 and a half inch steel wheels in decent shape they do not need? I am hoping someone in CA will have some because of the shipping cost. Please let me know what you might have. [email protected]
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    Where do I get a new Windshield? Windscreen we call em in OZ

    Hey guys, is there somewhere in the US where we can buy new windshields for our beloved old Mopars? I am thinking mostly about Station wagon 69-77 anyone know a source?? George.
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    Is anyone parting out a 1977 Dodge Monaco?

    Hey guys, I am hoping someone might be parting out a 77 Monaco because I need a few parts for my wagon. Pass rear door upper strip Both rear quarter lower strips DDG letters for Tailgate Monaco Emblem for Tailgate Lower strip for Tailgate Lower Grill piece Front Park Lenses Of course if you are...
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    Rust repair panels for a 77 Gran Fury

    Hey guys, I need to replace both rear floors in my 77 Gran Fury wagon so I am woundering what I should be looking for on ebay for instance? What cars have the same floor pan that parts might be available for? I get nothing searching for 77 Plymouth.
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    Help with 1976 Town and Country AC

    Hey guys, I am hoping one of you have had this problem and can point me in the right direction as to how to fix it. The AC on 76 was blowing very cold, then it did not, then it did, now it has stopped again. The funny thing is that the compressor is engaged while it is not blowing cold so I do...
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    Ride leveling system on my 76 Town and Country, how does it work?

    Hey guys, I see my 76 Town and Country Wagon has the factory air shocks on the rear that as far as I can figure are supposed to automaticly level the Wagon when you put a load in it. There is a little air pot under the floor that looks like it can be manualy filled with air if you need to to and...
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    1976 Chrysler Town and country wagon damaged in transport or shipping

    Hello, I finaly got my 76 Chrysler wagon home to Australia but somewhere between leaving PA and me getting it in my garage a forklift has been used on it to lift the rear end damaging the rear frame panel and doing serious damage to the fuel tank. Of course both the transport guys and the...