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  1. Bayoulee

    440 build and distributor/HEI question

    I am looking for an HEI ignition to add to the 440. I ordered the ready to run billet kit from Competition Products for $206 but found that it wont work with fabricated valve covers. I attached a couple of pictures of where he is with the build, and so you can see the valve covers. Any...
  2. Bayoulee

    Carburetor Question

    Having a 440 built. Bored.30 Promax heads, mild Melling cam. Looking at carbs and wanted some expert advice. Here are the two i have been looking at: Suggestions or other options? Thanks-
  3. Bayoulee

    440 Headers

    Header shopping, and the only place I have had a response so far is Chrysler Power for the TTI headers. Ceramic coated with shipping is around $1100. Any other suggestions or any feedback on these guys? Thanks-
  4. Bayoulee

    Crankshaft Balance on 440

    I had a guy telling me that some 440s were internal vs external balanced. My builder is a 1975, and the transmission I was going to use is I believe a 1967. He said while some would bolt together, there would be terrible vibration. Any input on this? thank you
  5. Bayoulee

    1966 Sport Fury- 1975 440

    Question: im having a 1975 440 from a New Yorker built for my 66 SF. The block will be the only thing original from that engine. Im about to order a new oil pan and pickup. Was looking at the milodon and moroso deep pans, and wondered “am i going to have any clearance issues or K member issues?”...
  6. Bayoulee

    440 year Engine fitment

    Ive found a 440 and transmission from a new yorker that the guy thought was a 1975. With bb motor mounts, will it fit into my 1966 Sport Fury? Going to bore it, new heads cam and crank So I want to make sure it will fit. Thank you in advance Also, how do I identify the year?
  7. Bayoulee

    Aftermarket pulleys

    changing 383 from ac to non ac, and trying to find least expensive options (theyre all expensive). Ive had no luck finding used. Bouchillon has the pulleys but $$$$. I found this aluminum crank pulley on ebay for $30 less than the $92 from Bouchillon. Anyone had any experience with these or...
  8. Bayoulee

    Whats it worth?

    Guy heard I was looking for a big block for my fury. He sent me this pic. it has a 440 and open title. He parked it ten ears ago said it had ran at the time, but someone has since taken the 4 barrel carb. Says the glass is all good.
  9. Bayoulee

    More carb questions/suggestions

    Still looking for options on least finicky carburetor for the '68 383 im putting in my 66 fury going with a performer intake . I found a guy that has the two carburetors city take $15 a piece for them. Looked up the numbers, and it looks like they are both 600 CFM. 1 what is the difference in...
  10. Bayoulee

    Carter 9636sa Carburator Rebuild

    can a thermoquad 625 be changed to say a 750 and if so how hard/expensive?
  11. Bayoulee

    Engine Mounts/Engine Support Brackets

    Im lining up everything I need for my engine swap. When I pull my 318 Poly and replace with the 383, do I need new Engine Support Brackets, or only engine mounts? I tried to attach what I was looking at not sure if the image posted it was from 440 Source Engine Support-440 Source Thanks
  12. Bayoulee

    Looking for ideas on carb

    I'm looking for an aluminum dual plane intake and 4 barrel carb on a 383 for my 66 Sport Fury. It will be purely for street driving, but I want to get the most out of it I can. Will likely add a mild cam and headers at some point. 3 questions: 1: What carb is the least finicky: a Thermoquad...
  13. Bayoulee

    Factory Torque conv. Vs 2500 Stall conv

    Been educating myself on auto transmission performance and function and had a couple questions after reading my Shop manual and stall converter posts and ads.: 1. Does a stall converter directly replace the factory torque converter? 2. In terms of actual driving/response, what difference would i...
  14. Bayoulee

    Good non baggy canvas work shorts

    The work shorts I find are too baggy for me. I like them to fit a little closer. These are Carhart double knee jeans i cut off and are exactly what I want but in a short. I bought these over 20 years ago and wore as jeans until a couple of years ago when hems fially gave out, and I wear them...
  15. Bayoulee

    D100 Truck engine

    found a 1967 Dodge pick up with a running 383. It already has the non-air conditioning pulleys and brackets which I will have to purchase if I go with my current motor. What are the pros, cons and potential hassles to putting that motor in my fury? Fury has factory floor shift and the D to what...
  16. Bayoulee

    Reference manual

    Any suggestions for a comprehensive shop/reference manual with good pictures? I've had good luck with Chiltons in the past, but wanted to check here. Id like something that includes the torqueflight and big blocks. Thanks
  17. Bayoulee

    Seperating tranny from engine

    ive never separated an auto from an engine and cant get to come free. Got all the bolts and its about an inch gao, but wont come free and didnt want to force anything. Am i missing something? Thanks for the help- Its a 727/383.
  18. Bayoulee

    Engine cradles

    does anyone have reccomendations for where/what engine cradle to usefor a 383? Ive never used one and dont know anything about them. Id prefer one w casters but could add those if i had to. Thanks!
  19. Bayoulee

    Engine ID

    Been searching web and forums Trying to ID a mopar engine. Ive read to look in front of intake, below distributor, right side of bLock, left sidebof block. I was told casting would begin with "383" if it was a 383 which i belive it to be but i cant find anything beginning with "383" These are...
  20. Bayoulee

    383 with Headers-fit

    Hi looking at a 383 with headers to put in my 66 Sport Fury. He is not sure what the headers were from A, B, C etc. body. Is there a way to tell if it will fit in my My C body? Thanks, Lee I do have pic's that I could post if you can tell by looking.