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    Just Brought- 1965 300L 4 Speed

    What year intake and carbs were used on the dealer installed dual quads?
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    Rear end ID needed

    Rearend looks like '49-'56 mopar car. Trans looks a lot like a b body A903 or A745 3 speed
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    '69-'72 Spindles or '73 Spindles?

    Your 1.375" measurement would be 1.250" if they were '69-'72 spindles. I would have no problem using the asbestos brake pads- they probably are better than anything available today.
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    For Sale 8-3/4 10 spline 1330 pinion yoke

    8-3/4 10 spline pinion yoke for Spicer 1330 u-joint. Good seal surface and good threads. Used on some Imperials and possibly others. $80 shipping included in a USPS medium flat rate box.
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    Anyone use a journal sleeve on an axle journal?

    I used one to fix the seal surface on a B-body Dana 60 axle over 20 years ago and it's still doing good today residing in my brother's '64 Dodge 440.
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    For Sale Floating Power engine mounts

    Set of floating power big block mounts. IIRC, I took these off a '62 413 over 30 years ago. p/n 2128571 is visible on one of the mounts. $80 with medium flat rate box shipping included.
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    SOLD '73 disc brakes

    **SALE PENDING**Front disc brake set up from a 1973 Plymouth Fury including spindles, calipers, caliper brackets, rotors, dust shields and lower ball joints. These have one piece rotors and are good for disc brake conversions on ‘65-‘72 C bodies. Spindle bearing and seal surfaces are in...