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  1. 1970FuryConv

    Fuel Tank Filler Neck: 1971 vs 1973

    I was trying to match up a correct fuel tank filler neck for my 1971 Fury. I got a filler neck from a 1973 Dodge. I think they are a match but the 71 Fury mounting bracket may be taller, so 73 filler neck does not bolt in. Anyone have a Hollander manual to see if 1971 Fury and 1973 Dodge...
  2. 1970FuryConv

    Spring Perch Change 1970 to isolated 1971. Can it be changed back?

    I'm wondering if the isolator can be deleted without welding on a new spring perch. My 1971 Fury has a large centering opening for the isolator. Hard to get a pic. Opening for isolated spring perch. Pic from 1972 8.75 rear I think the 1970 and earlier had a much smaller opening at the spring...
  3. 1970FuryConv

    Parking brake cable for 1971 Fury

    I need to remove the cable guard fitting from the bracket at the subframe. I can’t figure out how the rear edge of the fitting for the guard at the bracket, can be retracted so it can be pulled through the bracket. I thought of using a small hose clamp to reduce the size, but thought I would ask...
  4. 1970FuryConv

    1973 Torsion Bars, Left Side Bent

    1973 Torsion Bars: Both are still installed on the car. The tension on both torsion bars is the same. The left side, driver’s-side torsion bar has a significant bend. I used my three-foot straight edge and I believe there is a bend of approximately ½ inch across the length of the torsion bar. By...
  5. 1970FuryConv

    1965 Fury Convertible Front Bench Seat

    Asking for a friend, he has a 1965 Fury Convertible. He wants to put a bench seat from a 1973 fuselage car into his car. Is a 1973 c-body front bench seat too wide for a 1965 Fury? Will a later fuselage bench seat fit on 1965 seat brackets? Thanks!
  6. 1970FuryConv

    1970 Fury Headlight Switch Install, The Easy Way, Sort Of

    Goal: 1970 Fury Convertible, replace the headlight switch without taking the dash apart. The headlight switch is held against the back of the plastic dash panel, instrument panel, with 2 screws which in my car go through the lower hole on each side of the headlight switch. Top Bottom My plan...
  7. 1970FuryConv

    SOLD 1969-1970 Fury Remote Mirror 2935873

    1969 – 1970 Plymouth Fury remote mirror. Casting number on base is 2935873. Driver quality. Cables work properly. The chrome has light pitting. The mirror has some light horizontal scratches, depends on angle whether they show. Overall okay driver quality. My price is $30 plus $16.10 ship in a...
  8. 1970FuryConv

    2935873 Side Mirror ID

    I have 2935873 remote driver side mirror. I think it's 1969-1970 Plymouth based on internet research. P# does not appear in my 1969-1971 parts books. Can anyone confirm? If not, tell me what it fits? Thanks,
  9. 1970FuryConv

    Headlight Switch Disassemble, 1970-1971 Fury

    Backside, spades B1, B2, H, R factory marks Input Current B1 Upper vertical spade, L1 16BK, from junction with wire from Battery feed at FB, provides headlight power B2 Upper horizontal spade, L8 18P, power from taillamp fuse at FB, provides taillight and IC light panel power (2nd wire provided...
  10. 1970FuryConv

    SOLD 1969-1970 Chrysler Dodge Side Mirror, Remote, Left Side

    1969-1970 Chrysler/Dodge/Imperial Full-size cars Remote Sideview Mirror. Mirror Part number is 2935875. Housing is circular, so correct for 1969-1970. Condition is excellent driver. Handle and cables work properly. Base is flat or sightly concave at front and back. Imperial: per the 1969 parts...
  11. 1970FuryConv

    1954 Firepower Hemi Industrial Engine.

    My friend Curtis is considering buying a 1954 irrigation machine that is powered by a Firepower hemi engine. He asked me if the bell housing matched any automotive transmissions. I have no answer. Does anyone know if a 1954 industrial V8 motor can be used in an automotive application? What are...
  12. 1970FuryConv

    2017 RAM 1500, The Final Solution

    I want to thank everyone who tried to help me with my 1990 W150 pickup. Over the last 3 years, the TBI truck had developed many wiring problems as a well as other electrical malfunctions. I considered trying to fabricate a wiring harness that would take the computer out of the picture and render...
  13. 1970FuryConv

    Magnum Heads Durability, Opinions

    My question is on durability of 1992-2003 Magnum Heads In an article on building magnum V8 engines, Mopar Action, Feb 2014, Rick Ehrenberg tech editor says: “Most, if not all, of the magnum V8 Heads castings, with anything over 50-75K miles, will have cracks in the exhaust seat. True, the...
  14. 1970FuryConv

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    I have a 1990 W150 Power Ram 5.9/46RH. It has TBI with a return fuel line. It has SBEC as its computer. It has a Hall effect distributor with a 5 V return wire to the computer that allows the computer to calculate RPM and helps the computer to then calculate the amount of fuel to send through...
  15. 1970FuryConv

    Car Lift Recs, Narrow space

    I need to know if there is a 2-post car lift that gives walk under height 70+ inches and has an outside overall width of 124 inches or less. Has anyone experienced a similar narrow garage problem? What lift do you use and how well does it work? Imagine 80" wide 71 Fury in empty space with lift...
  16. 1970FuryConv

    Star Brite Vinyl Cleaner Review

    Sorry hit post thread. Pics not uploaded
  17. 1970FuryConv

    Power Seats, How do they work?

    Okay this is a thread for power seat newcomers, like me. Power seat works fine. So I took out the 1973 front bench electric seat , mostly to clean and compare the seat vinyl between the front and the back seats. They are badly mismatched. So that my front seat could rest flat on a table, I took...
  18. 1970FuryConv

    WANTED 2 Road wheel 15" trim rings

    Looking for very good or excellent OEM. I need to replace 2 that are a bit misshapen and multiple dented.
  19. 1970FuryConv

    Cost to Reupholster Seats?

    The upholstery shop estimates $1500 to reupholster seats, 72 Fury Coupe, Split front bench, rear standard bench. 2 month wait Is $1500 a decent price or a rip off? 2018 pic. Cheap vinyl is wearing off color in places and turning gray tint. Springs sticking out side of seat. Batting/foam is not...
  20. 1970FuryConv

    Change Door Panel Color

    If I found a 71 Fury door panel, electric windows, any recs on how I could change color to correct gold? Thanks, Ben