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  1. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1965 Plymouth Fury III

    Not mine - 1965 Plymouth Fury 3 From ad: "318..power steering..looks good..runs good..110k miles..solid motor with no leaks..few minor rust bubbles..drives great..Automatic..interior is decent with some minor tears..." $5,500
  2. Joe Sportone

    1961 Chrysler 300G

    Is it just me or does anyone else wonder how folks think they are going to get this kind of money for a Forward Look jigsaw puzzle? And yeah I know this is a pretty dry project from which to start... I guess you could almost part it out for that much and make your money back. But man, somebody...
  3. Joe Sportone

    For Sale Pardon this Brief Interlude for a very nice, under-appreciated B-body

    ​​**Disclaimer - Obviously not mine... and obviously belongs on the B-bodies Only forum (of which I am sadly not a member)** But hey, I think we can take advantage of a slow for sale forum week to ogle this baby. And while we are at it, anyone want to enlighten me on what a stroker engine is? I...
  4. Joe Sportone

    For Sale Forgive them, Lord. They knoweth not what they do.

    Good Lawd. This one was for sale for ~$4k a few months ago. Looks like Jermaine thought he could slap some hot wheels low-profiles on her and double his return on investment. In my book, he made it un-buyable out of sheer principle. 1966...
  5. Joe Sportone

    For Sale Alluring 880

    Not mine but a rare red 880 2 door hard top.. I think the seller is confused about the "Cleveland" Antique Custom 880. 88,000 original miles, push button shift, been setting for 4yrs. 361 Cleveland
  6. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1966 MID-life Chrysler New Yorker

    Not mine: I have a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker in good condition that I am lookin to sell or trade for either an air cooled VW or an RV. Car run good and can be driven, but will probably need a few things if you want it to pass inspection. Has...
  7. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1968 chrysler newport custom - $6500 (elkin) very nice solid original 1968 chrysler newport custom with 49,000 original miles. 383 v8 with auto transmission. cold a/c. drive this car anywhere. call or text for more info. 6500/obo
  8. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 66 Fury (classic CL description) What I have for sale is a '66 Plymouth fury 3 with with 48,000 original miles with a 318 v8 with a 2 barrel on it it was running & driving it has been setting for over a year do to front brake issues & couldn't find anyone to work on it so I've...
  9. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1965 New Yorker 2dr HT Looks like a really nice car for a good price. What am I missing? I Have A Rare 1965 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door Hardtop, Under 10K Made, Have Original Paperwork where it Was Purchased in 1965 in Fort Worth, Runs and Drives, Has New Brake...
  10. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1965 Sport Fury Vert (not Mine) "65 sport fury 383 motor 4b ps pb auto trans nice driver." This one has some cool options. What is that on the middle bumper in front of the grille? A bumper guard? Also, have you guys seen a gold wheel or is that likely a replacement from...
  11. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury Not mine- 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury. Very rare B code, factory 440cid 360 horsepower. 727 transmission and 323...
  12. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1967 New Yorker 2dr H/T 440ci

    ​ Not mine. Found this on Craigslist. So go ahead guys, "Hit my boy up..." and take a look at this fine looking "fastbackit." I don't know what it is about it but this car is cool to me. Black, fastback, intact interior... Think the 440 is...
  13. Joe Sportone

    Checking in.

    Hello everyone. I stumbled across the site while doing some research and have visited and lurked for a while. I decided that there's too much going on here to be a passenger, so I figured it was time to sign up and introduce myself. I have been a Mopar fan since I was old enough to touch the...