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  1. HarrysToy

    Today Murray Park becomes my Hero!

    Looked long and hard for this now the hunt begins for the front!
  2. HarrysToy

    What are you working on today??

    Doing a reseal for Dads truck lol
  3. HarrysToy

    Welcome, Rockroadster

    Welcome from NC.
  4. HarrysToy

    Valve cover plug off question

    Nick sounds like a purist and a nice guy too. But I still have aftermarket valve covers LOL.......
  5. HarrysToy

    66 Fury III rear end upgrade advice?

    Tiny amount of right side play.....just curious as to why? Thanks
  6. HarrysToy

    Whos going to Carlisle?

    I loved the amount of vendors and found most of what i needed. I was disappointed by not seeing more 65 cbodies there.
  7. HarrysToy

    Carlisle 2022

    Same hotel as me! Richard are you on here?
  8. HarrysToy

    For Sale Reproduction Solid State (Electronic) Voltage Regulators for '69 & Earlier MOPARS - $15 @ Carlisle for FCBO Members

    I will catch you tomorrow. My feet are killing. There are so many vendors lord, they sold out vendor spots this year....
  9. HarrysToy

    Whos going to Carlisle?

    I am crossing my fingers to find bumpers for my 65 Fury ( I know.....Unicorn....) LOL Leaving tomorrow night and be there Friday AM.
  10. HarrysToy

    Whos going to Carlisle?

    I will find you so we can chat. I spent 4 years on thst base back in the 80s.
  11. HarrysToy

    Whos going to Carlisle?

    Just curious as to who is going, who is showing a cbody in the field? I will be there Friday thru Sunday but no car this year....
  12. HarrysToy

    Vin locations on a 65 Fury

    Thanks for all the good info gents! I passed my NC fraud division inspection :) In this state its required when registering an out of state antique car for the first time.
  13. HarrysToy

    Radio question

    Would a 67 fury radio fit a 65 dash?
  14. HarrysToy

    New guy from the Motor City

    Welcome from NC
  15. HarrysToy

    New guy here

    Welcome and enjoy it!
  16. HarrysToy

    Comment by 'HarrysToy' in item '1965 Plymouth Fury Sport First Car'

    No youtube videos? Sad.....