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  1. Top Cat

    Solution for Smeary 1960 Dodge Speedometer Lenses

    The frosty white finish on the 1960 Dodge Scope-Sight "see through" speedometer lens is very fragile. If you Google search "1960 Dodge Speedometer" or "1960 Dodge Dashboard", you will see that many of these speedometer lenses have the white frosting smeared or worn away. My '60 Dart had this...
  2. Top Cat

    1960 Dodge Dart--Completely New Professional Paint Job, New Colors!

    Read all about it here:
  3. Top Cat

    Found 1960 Dodge Speedometer

    Complete unit or just the lens with the numbers on it. Any condition considered.
  4. Top Cat

    Speedometer Update

    So I've made a few updates to my '60 Dart speedometer restoration that have improved things [refer to my earlier post], including making a separate odometer lens and shade behind the odometer opening. It still looks good in the garage, at night, and when the sun is behind you when driving, but...
  5. Top Cat

    Little things . . .

    On 1960 Dodge Darts, the gold finish tends to wear off the shield emblems on the hood and rear doors. A little gold paint, carefully brushed on to restore the original appearance, makes such a difference! I also did the "P's" in "Phoenix" too. 1) Typical hood emblem with gold finish worn off...
  6. Top Cat

    1960 Dodge Speedometer: I May Have Boo-Booed

    So I have this '60 Dart Phoenix sedan, which is in about #3 condition. It has the "see-through" speedometer. Like on a lot of these I've seen, the speedometer lens frosting was smeared in places and I wanted to make it look uniform again. Some restored cars in internet search photos show how...
  7. Top Cat

    Can you identify a wheelcover?

    A friend sent me a wheelcover which he thought was a match for my '60 Dodge Dart Phoenix. Turns out it doesn't quite match the wheelcovers on my car (which I'm sure are correct). So the next question is, what car is this wheelcover for? First picture: 1960 Dodge Dart correct wheelcover...
  8. Top Cat

    WANTED 1960 Dodge Dart POWER BRAKE pedal

    I have a 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix which was converted from manual to power brakes. I thought it would be nice to get an original "octopus" POWER BRAKE pedal to replace the plain pedal. I assume the pedal just bolts to the pedal arm like Fords from the same era. Do you have one? Please let me...
  9. Top Cat

    Painted My Roof (1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix)

    I decided to paint the roof of the '60 Dart white, because the solid gray wasn't too inspiring. Now it's a gray and white two-tone. The purists will scream, but instead of paying $500-$600 at Maaco, I painted it at home using Rustoleum and a brush and little cloth pads to flow the paint on...
  10. Top Cat

    Parking Brake Trouble

    So . . . I have this '60 Dart and the parking brake wouldn't hold, so I took it to a shop that specializes in fixing antique cars. The shop claimed that the brake shoes were worn out (this is the internal type of parking brake with Torqueflite 6 transmission). New shoes were put in, the unit...
  11. Top Cat

    1960 Plymouth Fleet Special

    The post below entitled "1960 Plymouth Police/Drag Cars" reminded me that I found these photos online of what I believe to be a 1960 Plymouth Fleet Special 4-door sedan. The Fleet Specials were a trim level below the Savoy, and aren't mentioned in the brochures. The photos were taken in New...
  12. Top Cat

    Searching for a 1959 Dodge Royal

    Back in 1986, there was this 1959 Dodge Royal sedan for sale on the corner of Naughright Rd. & Woodland Dr. in Long Valley, NJ. I took it for a test drive but did not buy. It was two-toned (Aquamarine & White), and had the 361 V-8. N.J. license plate 474-VSS. To this day, I wonder if the car...
  13. Top Cat

    1960 Dodge Dart--Latest Photos

    Readers asked for more photos--these were taken within the last two days. A lot of work was already done on this car before I bought it, including: gas tank, rebuilt carb., electric fuel pump, alternator, electronic ignition, top end of engine rebuilt, all-new brakes (4 wheels + modern master...
  14. Top Cat

    New Member: Just bought a 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix!

    Just bought this car on Craigslist: 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix sedan, solid Pewter Iridescent, Slant 6, Torqueflite, Power Steering & Brakes, 71K; car originally came from Virginia. :confederateflag:Body/floorpans virtually rust-free. I've compounded & waxed the paint so it looks a little...
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    Welcome Top Cat to FCBO!

    Favorite cars are 1955-62. Location: Boonton NJ