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  1. DC118us

    Starter cranks in Run position.

    Hi all, I've been lurking around this site for years, but don't post often. I have a 75 T&C, 440/727, etc. Bone stock except the carburetor. After the long cold winter, I've developed an issue I'm hoping you guys can help me with... I got in her and turned the key to the run position and...
  2. DC118us

    Fuel sending unit restorations

    Good morning, I wanted to let the group know about a great experience I had with Dan at Rebuilt Fuel Sending Unit Specialist This company rebuilds fuel sending units. I own a '75 T&C and finding a replacement unit was proving near impossible. So I contacted Dan at Tri Starr Radiator and sent...
  3. DC118us

    WANTED Formal Door Handles

    I have a '75 T&C that is now in need of an exterior door handle (among other bits). Here's the full list, but the door handle has become #1 on the list. Dog leg exterior trim (RR door). headliner metal trim (above doors) Any cargo area trim (floor metal strips, rear pillars, etc) Tailgate...
  4. DC118us

    Noobie to C bodies

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and Mopars in general. I recently had the good fortune of snagging a behemoth. A 1975 Chrysler T&C, 9 passenger wagon from a friend. His father-in-law originally bought it used in 1979, from Cleveland Ohio. Drove it to Texas where it spent most of its life. In...