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  1. QMopar

    For Sale NOS 1975 C body A pillar Windshield Trim Moulding

    I got these when I had my 75 Imperial. Car was sold a couple years ago. It's the right & left vertical windshield trim NOS unopened. I'd imagine they'll fit other (Formal Years) 74-78 C body hardtops but I'll let you confirm that. Part numbers 3749426 & 3749427. Rather not separate - $100...
  2. QMopar

    It ends on Wednesday

    No Reserve: 1975 Imperial LeBaron
  3. QMopar

    1975 Imperial master cylinder

    Looks like I need a master cylinder. Cardone lists one (101575) but it's not available and pretty much everywhere else I looked says the same thing. Anyone have a lead or idea on where I can get a master cylinder? Thanks, ~Q Adam Q. Frase
  4. QMopar

    For Sale 1975 Imperial LeBaron $4000

    I'm selling my 1975 Imperial LeBaron. Bought it with 49,700 miles, it now has 63,XXX which will go up as I drive it on nice days. It had been sitting for about 10 years when I purchased it from the owner's daughter after he passed. The WWII vet was a Chrysler guy and always wanted an...
  5. QMopar


    I'm looking to make solid iso-mounts for my 75 Imperial. I don't think anyone makes them for a C (or Y) body. Would anyone have some or a parts car they could pillage for me? Thanks - ~Q