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  1. 65GUS

    Mechanical Fuel pump brand recommendation

    im thinking the diaphram is leaking inside the pump housing as the clear fuel filter is now empty after sitting for 7-8 days. its bled partially off before but never emptied the fuel filter. i cant really tell if the motor oil has a gas smell to it or not. reading past threads seems like a new...
  2. 65GUS

    NOT MINE Rebuilt 318 POLY

    Saw this in Skagit,WA craigslist in auto parts. Early 60's 318 Poly. Have talked with owner, very nice guy.rebuilt stock ,700 miles, he's going to a LA 318. $2700/ offer. Tell him you saw it on FCBO, 360-840-0078 Thanks
  3. 65GUS

    Need advice, rebuild or replace distributor ??

    Hi I have a 65 Fury 3 with a 318 poly motor. 112K miles, all stock and original. my distributor rotor seems to be eating up the Center contact on the inside of my distributor cap. Underneath Where the coil wire plugs into on the top of the cap. The top metal contact of the rotor wears the...
  4. 65GUS

    Rear differential oil question

    Looking to change out the oil in rear diff in my 65 fury 3. The quickie lube has a powered suction tube to remove old oil, but carries only newer synthetic gear lubes like 85-90 & 85-140 wt oil. Is it OK to use the newer synthetic ??? Or should I buy bottles of convention gear lubes ?? Thanks
  5. 65GUS

    WANTED Radiator Shroud 1965 C body

    Hi, hey im looking to for a radiator shroud for my 1965 Fury 3. It has a 22" radiator, auto trans and no A/C. Fan is offset to the passenger side of radiator. Any help out there is appreciated, thanks C Bodies.
  6. 65GUS

    WANTED 65 fury 3 front turn signal housing

    Looking for a left front turn signal/ marker light housing with a non rusty bulb socket. IDK if theres a difference between left and right side. With or without lens is ok too. Thanks
  7. 65GUS

    Looking for Dave Lux

    Thanks Dave
  8. 65GUS

    318 poly vibration

    Hi, i have a 65 fury with the 318 poly motor which has a vibration in it. Very noticeable at certain RPMS ( no tach) but at 15-20 & 35-40 &50-55 mph. Seems to smooth out above those speeds. Replaced timing gears and ( chain was stretched and went to double roller) 6 months ago, vibration was...
  9. 65GUS

    Welcome 65GUS to FCBO!

    i have a classic mopar ,65 fury. like to interact with other mopar owners for ideas and info, thanks Location: OREGON