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  1. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1965 Plymouth Fury III

    Not mine - 1965 Plymouth Fury 3 From ad: "318..power steering..looks good..runs good..110k miles..solid motor with no leaks..few minor rust bubbles..drives great..Automatic..interior is decent with some minor tears..." $5,500
  2. Joe Sportone

    Comment by 'Joe Sportone' in item 'Lucy'

    Wow...just wow.
  3. Joe Sportone

    Comment by 'Joe Sportone' in item '1967 Fury Iii'

    I like how this story is going....
  4. Joe Sportone

    For Sale Another Lakeland special - 65 300

    Good Lawd... they over sprayed the radiator cap! really? not even t mention the overfill hose. why bother?
  5. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1966 Chrysler 300 2 door hardtop TRADE - $10000

    I don't know... price little high? Sure, maybe - but that magnificent chrome air cleaner clearly sets it apart from all the better examples of a survivor C-body. And what's a little rocker rust? Weekend project, right?
  6. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 63 convertible 300

    Kinda cool in an ugly duckling sort of way...
  7. Joe Sportone

    Comment by 'Joe Sportone' in item ''61 Chrysler Newport 2 Door Hardtop'

    Man, I love this car. Exner's last hurrah... Astrodome!
  8. Joe Sportone

    SOLD 1960 Fury... Somebody Stop Me!

    Groovy. Easy fix for the purists (like me) but looks good as-is. decent price so far.
  9. Joe Sportone

    For Sale '64 Sport Fury

    B-Body.. yup. but I like this one. Pretty original...and RED!
  10. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 65 dodge polara

    Well, said. Kind of an unwritten rule... rattle can black cheapens the deal...
  11. Joe Sportone

    Comment by 'Joe Sportone' in item ''65 Monaco'

    Man, I love this car...
  12. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 66 Polara Wagon Autorama Special

    Disclaimer: I'm not fan of rest-mods in pretty much any form or fashion. Never improves the car.... but... I want to know how this guy did the triple gauges into the dash like that. That is great work!
  13. Joe Sportone

    For Sale ********1967 Chrysler Newport like new**************** - $9500 (orlando)

    I believe the seller in confusing this car with the Imp from the GreenHornet.
  14. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler Newport - $10500 (Spring hill)

    Still... nice to see one that hasn't been through an amateur rattle-can resto.
  15. Joe Sportone

    Comment by 'Joe Sportone' in item 'Redcaps 1965 300'

    That is one sweet mid-life Chrysler!
  16. Joe Sportone

    1961 Chrysler 300G

    Someone must have snatched up this great deal.
  17. Joe Sportone

    For Sale 1965 Dodge Polara (DeKalb)

    Y'all ever wonder if people do this kind of stuff as a joke - just to rile those few of us interested in this hobby or are people really that devoid of even a modicum of common sense?