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  1. Cobalt117

    I need/ want to increase my welding skills

    Normally, your abilities are a little rusty. At least you don't have to learn everything from 0. It would help if you had a little improvement, and that's it. You need to find a welding school nearby and start classes. Community colleges or technical schools charge $ 5,000- $ 15,000 for welding...
  2. Cobalt117 lights...lights?

    It sounds like something is wrong with your tail light, not the car's electric system. I had a similar situation with the LED headlights I bought from Vont Smart Car Light Strip. I installed them on my own, and they were wrong because they won't switch on. I went to a car repair shop, and they...
  3. Cobalt117

    I need/ want to increase my welding skills

    There are a lot of schools where you can increase your welding skills. And I recommend you do it because for a man these skills are really important.
  4. Cobalt117

    Time to sell my 1977 Canadian Newport

    I think it's unfair of your wife's part. If you love this car, why should you give it to someone else? you can also offer your wife a compromise and sell her, lol. But seriously, last year I was also looking for a good place to sell my Chevrolet and found a lot of online stores. I doubted them...
  5. Cobalt117

    welding w/ wheel bearings

    Hey, OP! Did you make it? I have a simillar problem right now and I don't how to solve it. Where to start from?
  6. Cobalt117


    This is true about both the climate and the water. I think the last days are closer than we think. And I can also say that it is difficult to find natural food now. There is food that is not suitable for humans, but it is still on the shelves of all stores. People eat synthetic foods and get...
  7. Cobalt117

    As Seen on TV...

    Seriously? Does anyone still use cable TV? I thought a lot of people had already given up on this ****, LOL. Now cable TV is not at all profitable to have. It costs too much and is littered with useless ads. I gave up cable TV a few years ago and I don't regret it at all. As soon as I found an...
  8. Cobalt117

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