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  1. jason99

    For Sale 74-78 Small Block Re-cored Radiator - $300 OBO - Atlanta GA

    I had a radiator re-cored for my 74 Monaco 360cid and ended up using the cold case aluminum unit instead. Local pickup or I'll ship in a 36x27x16 radiator box, you pay the actual shipping or provide a pre-paid shipping label. Thanks, Jason
  2. jason99

    Thinking about selling my 74' New Yorker

    That's a great looking car. Good luck with the sale if you do indeed part with it.
  3. jason99

    New, with a '77 Newport

    Can't believe I missed this thread earlier, great looking ride.
  4. jason99

    Demonstrating my BendPak QuickJack BL-5000EXT

    This is what I do with the Quickjacks, I just push them together under the middle of the car and leave them there.
  5. jason99

    74-75 Fury or Monaco. What is the appeal?

    Direct message me and I’ll send you a contact who bought my coupe. I believe he was going to take some things he needed and part the rest.
  6. jason99

    74-75 Fury or Monaco. What is the appeal?

    I sold a 74 Monaco coupe that had solid rear quarters to a guy in Florida. Let me see if I can find his info. I have some Brougham interior panels, a solid small block radiator, and some taillights if you are looking for any of that stuff.
  7. jason99

    Last aftermarket "Blues mobile" YouTube video

    I doubt anyone is getting 40-50k for a bluesmobile. There was one, possibly still is, in Lousiana that sat around at near $25k for a long time and it was a good one.
  8. jason99

    For Sale Plymouth Fury III - $10,900 (Asbury Park N J)
  9. jason99

    My YouTube channel

  10. jason99

    CAF Arsenal of Democracy

    Very cool. I saw some CAF planes at a show in Atlanta a few years back.
  11. jason99

    NOT MINE Not Mine 1974 Dodge Monaco Coupe - $4,800 - Fairfield, Ohio

    Looks good. Must have been garaged in the winter it’s whole life if it is an MN car and not totally rusted out.
  12. jason99


    The cold case stuff is good quality and you will like it if you go that route.
  13. jason99

    74 Fury - Wiper Link Clip

    Thanks, looks like you are right. I had no idea what they were called.
  14. jason99

    74 Fury - Wiper Link Clip

    Took the time to read the FSM and extract the wiper linkage system since the passenger wiper wasn’t moving. Looks like the only thing wrong is I’m missing a retaining clip. Any idea what this clip is called and where I can get one?
  15. jason99


    Recore on the existing one will keep the look factory and keep things cool. I think cold case has the best new aftermarket units.
  16. jason99

    New to me 74 Monaco U-Code WSP Car

    Very nice. Keep us updated.
  17. jason99

    Welcome 77newyorker440 to FCBO!

    Cool, post some pictures when you get a chance.
  18. jason99

    For Sale 74 Dodge steering wheel black $50

    Monaco, Fury, and a couple other non c bodies.