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  1. mindshark13

    What is it with '68 300's that have '67 front ends?

    I still have mine for sale in the backyard. And it’s a CONVERTIBLE!! Solid floors and trunk. Will need lower quarters fixed. I bought it without the drive train just to save it!! $500 takes it. Clean Florida title. I know the clips worth that much. Needs a better deck lid.
  2. mindshark13

    71 Polara wagon - Andersons U Pull it Kearney NE

    Sad. Looks like it still has life left. I’ll never understand these salvage laws.....
  3. mindshark13

    FREE 1967 300 Stubframe

    Forgot to add I’m located just outside of Tampa Fl.
  4. mindshark13

    FREE 1967 300 Stubframe

    Not sure which category to put this in but feel free to move it to the right spot. I’ve had this for about 3 years. And due to the fact that I’m moving soon it’s time for it to go. It has been totally rebuilt from the ball joints to the bushings. I would rather see it used then let it sit and go...
  5. mindshark13

    Charlie Daniels passes away at 83.

    Uneasy rider one of his best songs! “I ain’t even got a garage u can call home and ask my wife”
  6. mindshark13

    Charlie Daniels passes away at 83.

    Thanks for the memories Mr Daniels.
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    Not mine. Looks razor straight.
  8. mindshark13

    For Sale 1971 monaco parts car

    What a beauty she must have been in her glory days. I guess I get to emotional about these old girls. At least she’s safe being in that area. I’m starting to hear rumors about a possible Cash for clunkers round 2 coming up in the fall. This time around their claiming they will run it for an...
  9. mindshark13

    Yum forthcoming

    Growing up in Ohio my granny used to can it in mason jars ? Probably added sugar I’m guessing? All I know is when she pulled one of those cold jars from the refrigerator and poured it in a soup bowl it was AMAZING. I think she boiled it in a sauce pan and then canned it so it was runny like a soup.
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    Not mine.....whether it’s FAKEBOOK or whatever. The important thing to me is saving it from disappearing forever. Here ya go Polara fans I’m low on dough so for $550 or maybe less please save it.
  11. mindshark13

    WANTED Volare/ Aspen manual pedal assembly

    Thanks. Like I say I try to stay in my C body world but I told him I would ask around. He’s sort of a prankster so wasn’t sure he might have been hanging me out to dry. lol
  12. mindshark13

    WANTED Volare/ Aspen manual pedal assembly

    Is there such a thing? A friend is wanting a 4 speed pedal assembly for one of these. I know nothing about these cars...
  13. mindshark13

    My latest junk yard visit

    It’s the same story down here Bob. For what ever reason the owners have this delusion that he’s leaving it all for the “grandkids” but in reality none of them would touch anything in there with a 10 foot pole. And usually he expires b4 the wife so the minute that happens she calls the local...
  14. mindshark13

    Saved a Polara today.

    2 bad knees ... L4 and L5 ruptured. But I try not to let the little things get in the way. Hopefully the rain moves thru tonight. I should be able to get under hood pic tomorrow. He had an ignition key but no trunk key on the ring so I’ll be looking in the ashtray and glove box then under the...
  15. mindshark13

    Saved a Polara today.

    Yes absolutely.... it’s literally been one step ahead of the hangman for 50 years. None of them deserve to be did away with. I half expected it to be stripped of its drivetrain and I still would have bought it but when he said he had to drop it in neutral so it would roll I thought the...
  16. mindshark13

    Saved a Polara today.

    I think it’s cool because it was built in Ontario. I’m not well versed on the Polara assembly plants and locations as Sport Fury 70 said it has the YO5 designation which is really neat!
  17. mindshark13

    Saved a Polara today.

    Same shade as my 71 Newport next to it. I think it has the 383 engine. AC and some other goodies . I sent the fender tag pic to Ayilar. It’s a packed fender tag that’s for sure!
  18. mindshark13

    Saved a Polara today.

    Wound up following a roll back carrying a 70 Polara yesterday. I usually get the finger when I try to get them to pull over but this guy did! He said he had picked it up from an elderly lady trying to clear her back yard. He was on his way to scrap yard. He told me they will likely give him $80...
  19. mindshark13

    Bridge to a submarine base?

    Wow now that’s a creepy looking tunnel......
  20. mindshark13

    SOLD Made in USA MP 2444507 NOS distributor caps AGAIN!

    They look better than this Echlin China garbage NAPA has been selling! USA USA !!