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    Bulging Alu Radiator Tank!!!

    This is possible. If either failed and your motor had an issue with overheating, the pressure could have built past 16lbs. However, I think you would have been able to see or feel a situation like that?
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    Bulging Alu Radiator Tank!!!

    13lb vs 16lb should not make a difference. Champion builds their tanks to handle at least 16lb. However, because the tanks are fabricated out of a flat piece of stock, there is the ability for it to bulge a bit. If you notice the tanks like Cold Case and Griffin, they are stamped. In...
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    50 year-old stock cooling system

    That's always 'cool' to see! :thumbsup: There's 3 chains of thought on this subject. 1. Those that feel the need for the latest technology regardless of the situation. 2. Those that feel the need to avoid technology regardless of the situation. 3. Those that analyze the situation and...
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    '66 Newport Radiator

    Cold Case makes a direct fit 26" C body unit that is different than all the 26" aluminum units you see. In addition to bolting to the support properly, you can bolt your original C-body shroud to our radiator. You can't do that with the others. It's also an oversized core so it can handle...
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    HELP! In need of a radiator for a '68 Chrysler

    The cooler inside the tank takes up less than about a cup of fluid. It's a hollow tube with thin walls that carry the trans fluid. There is literally no measurable cooling difference on a radiator with or without a cooler except of course if the cooler had 250 degree trans fluid running...
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    HELP! In need of a radiator for a '68 Chrysler

    While on that particular model we don't have a MT version because of how rare a C-body MT is, we did what the OEM rad mfg's did many times back then. We made aluminum threaded plugs that you screw in the trans cooler holes. It makes the radiator look very clean and quite original looking as...
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    HELP! In need of a radiator for a '68 Chrysler

    Not aware of any 28" rads in Mopar until like 1971? They should all be 22" or 26" unless there was a super rare 28" version
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    HELP! In need of a radiator for a '68 Chrysler

    A 50 year old original C body radiator is worth something if another 67 C body owner has an original car, wants to keep it all original and happens to need one. No offense to C body owners but the market is somewhat limited. Unless it was for a special limited production car like a BB manual...
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    HELP! In need of a radiator for a '68 Chrysler

    If I had a stock original vehicle, this unit would be at the top of my list. Nice price. Nice find.
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    HELP! In need of a radiator for a '68 Chrysler

    Good advice from everyone in this topic! There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your situation. Very original and/or rare car? Going for originality? On a very tight budget? Driving it a lot? A little? Climate? Look at all your options. The best option for your...
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    440 TNT Radiator

    A 28" as early as 1968? Wow, I never saw that nor ever had a request. That must be one rare radiator!?
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    Pretty much one! :) We made the MOP757A 26" C body unit because you guys sent us a radiator to copy. We've been asking for a 22" C-body sample for a pattern.
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    We are just a small company but well before we were even around, there have been many tests done comparing radiator technologies. Example; Anybody look at a 1963 HiPo Corvette OEM radiator? 2 Row aluminum! We've done our own volume tests that prove the extra volume present in big 2 row...
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    Several posts discuss 'copper' as being a better than Aluminum and while that is true, there is no such thing as a 'copper' radiator in our cars. They are a mix of copper and brass. Brass is needed for stability as an all copper radiator would be too brittle. Brass is not as good of a...
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    A lot of votes for re-core! I was always a big proponent of the same. That is until I started a radiator company that gives you Mopar owners another choice! :) I agree if the car is being restored all original. However, if you plan on driving your car and having fun with it, I would...
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    uuuuuuh - whatabout Chryslyer C-bodies???

    I'm a firm believer in 'there is always another way'. However, the application that is causing this problem is a mix of aftermarket parts. There are unlimited aftermarket parts out there. We designed the radiator to be a direct C-body fit and appearance (stamped tanks) including being...
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    ALUMINIUM RADIATOR (Plus a Long Boring Rant)

    I've seen an occasional aluminum radiator turn to mush because of electrolysis. If a car is setup incorrectly and a charge ends up consistently passing through the radiator this will happen and happen somewhat quickly. However, it is rare and due to poor grounding and/or bad wiring.
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    Cold Case radiator installed

    That install looks really good! I'm going to forward this topic to our product manager for him to review. Hopefully he can address the elongated hole and the issue you had with 2 of the 6 shroud holes. One thing I noticed that could bring your temps down another 5-10 degrees in...
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    Fitment & performance Trial on MOP753A Radiator on 1966 Chrysler Newport

    If you are ok with the inlet being in a different position, I think that's the way to go. I really think all you need is that extra volume. We'll all be anxious to hear the results. I'm sending you a quick PM with ordering details.