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  1. Verse

    1966 Chrysler "Color swoop"

    There was an overlay available. It is in the parts book. For example, tag number 23-24-329; part number 2605-947 is the rear most piece.
  2. Verse

    1966 Chrysler "Color swoop"

    The end piece of chrome was for the Newports not optioned with bumper reveal moldings.
  3. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    That is the statement I was looking for. So now I can chase what I am suspecting. When I bought this car, the engine was done. I replaced it with a 68 383 from a 727 car. That required a pilot bushing adapter and a needle bearing type pilot. The drilling in the crank appeared deep enough. The...
  4. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Did this cause the shaft to ride hard to one side of the pilot bushing, and keep the input shaft turning?
  5. Verse

    WANTED 1965 Dodge Polara Dash Pad

    I also have the windows, tinted. I had a 65 Polara 500 vert for many years. I collected a lot of stuff.
  6. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Just curious, why was the prior transmission replaced or rebuilt? It was slipping out of second on deceleration. I had another 745 from a 66 Newport rebuilt. I understand the frustration in the current transmission not working as easily as the prior one did. I suspect something internal...
  7. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    I would say both. Coming out of first for sure. Nope; no grinding. Yes; I rebuilt the column. Smooth as can be. Yes I remember that being the case.
  8. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Yes I do, but no grinding.
  9. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Hello all! I am still having hard shifting with my 3 speed trans. It takes some effort to shift out of first and into second. If I take too long to hit second, it grinds. Second to third is ok Third to second downshift is also difficult. This trans is just rebuilt. My first question is: is it...
  10. Verse

    WANTED 1965 Polara Convertible Right Rear Window glass

    I have a tinted set, also in Alberta Canada.
  11. Verse

    WANTED 1965 Dodge Polara Dash Pad

    I do have one available but it is not immediately accessible. If you can wait we can work something out. It's in Alberta Canada
  12. Verse

    1966 chrysler 300 / 383 sudden oil pressure loss

    Is the oil pressure gauge and the switch coming from the same tap on the engine? This pressure port could be plugged. A sudden drop in pressure would be caused by something failing. Bearing wear and pump wear would be a gradual deterioration in pressure. Spinning the oil pump through the...
  13. Verse

    Just Brought- 1965 300L 4 Speed

    Oh yea toast the mirrors. They aren't even Mopar. This reminds me of the L I test drove in LA many years ago. It was found in Alaska lingering on a used car lot. It was driven to LA.
  14. Verse

    For Sale All original 1966 Chrysler 300 - $15,900

    Ah the good old days when you could pick and choose what options you want. Interesting that some of the option groups were not selected, but the radio and clock individually. Therefore no map light, fender top turn signals, or trunk light; likely no glove box light either. Options I see are...
  15. Verse

    383 to 413 engine swap. 65 Monaco

    Now there is a 67 engine in there. You don't have just 1965 motor mounts any more. You will have some conversion setup so you may be missing some parts.
  16. Verse

    727 transmission with an ear or knob at the side? Help

    Also the last year for the rear pump, which meant you could push start the car.
  17. Verse

    Need transmission shaft measurement

    First post on transmission problems Now I pulled the transmission and also the clutch. Clutch all looks fine. The pilot bushing has needle rollers so very low friction. It appears in good shape. I am wondering if the end of the input shaft is bottoming out on the crank. The input shaft appears...
  18. Verse

    Need transmission shaft measurement

    If you happen to have a 833 or 745 transmission laying around, could you take a measurement for me? I trying to troubleshoot a problem and I am wondering if the input shaft is too long. I need the dimension from the transmission case face to the end of the input shaft. Try to be as accurate as...
  19. Verse

    Early disc brake wheels, dog dish size?

    My wheels are later 15", from 67 and 73. I have the standard 1966 Chrysler caps on them.