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  1. Polara_500

    Welcome Dave Muir to FCBO!

    Yo Kiddo, welcome aboard
  2. Polara_500

    Tire pictures please

    White letters out....
  3. Polara_500

    ‘74 Ramcharger hub caps? Or other?

    Yeah. truck use for many years. 72 Polara also, (the only one I can put a year to). Very poor wheel retention, i.e. baby by-bye.
  4. Polara_500

    WANTED 1961 rear speaker grilles

    6x9's? I may have some but I don't 'member where at the moment.
  5. Polara_500

    A New Ride

    Want some more snowflake wheels? I might kmow where some are.:poke::wideyed:
  6. Polara_500

    Wilwood drum to disk brake conversion kit

    Does this one allow 14" wheels?
  7. Polara_500

    My New Preferred Whitewalls for C Bodies

    I have a set of Nexens on my truck on the advice of my local (old style) tire dealer when he recommended their lineup of tires. Haven't had any issues, but as it's my yard/work/hauling crap truck it doesn't get much use. Not really a valid reference point, (2.65 x 16R Load E), but my tire...
  8. Polara_500

    Any value in manual steering boxes for our cars?

    Just have to find the right fella.
  9. Polara_500

    Mopars in the Park 2021

    Dammit!! Have fun for me, guys. I'm missing it already and the gates haven't opened yet. :BangHead::drama:
  10. Polara_500

    SOLD ‘65-68 Front seat belt retractor (really only need a spring )

    Nope, can't do it. Son's in Fargo and he's up fairly often, may pass it off and you guys can meet up at a cruise nite.
  11. Polara_500

    SOLD ‘65-68 Front seat belt retractor (really only need a spring )

    I have several. Let me dig one out next week. Remind me if I forgrt.
  12. Polara_500

    1966 Fury III - Unfinished Project

    The factory was actually fairly heavy on bondo in that area.
  13. Polara_500

    How Necessary is a Power Steering Cooler and WHERE to Find one for 5/8 inch hose?

    I have one from a 65 Monaco, factory issue on all them I believe. They mount in front of the radiator.
  14. Polara_500

    66 Sport Fury-From The Beginning

    How about some pics of what they did w/inside windshield trim? I think the visor should just slide off the rod.
  15. Polara_500

    1964-1966 Imperial Taillight Lens Gaskets

    Those look very like they'd fit a 65 Polara/Monaco B/U light.
  16. Polara_500

    Vacuum Line Connection

    Operates the heater/AC dampers.
  17. Polara_500

    YES, YES, YES!!! Firm Feel Rear Sway Bar

    Stop on in, but a heads up Hey, it's starting to sound like a party. :thumbsup: