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  1. garyh

    How Necessary is a Power Steering Cooler and WHERE to Find one for 5/8 inch hose?

    64-66 Imperials With Factory A/C had the P/S Cooler with 5/8 Nipples.
  2. garyh

    Power steering pump mount.....nutz

    Snubber Pics
  3. garyh

    Car Sale Question

    I may be selling an old car to a Local friend ,should i ask for cash or check ? Price is 25 grand. Any thoughts ? Thanks in advance.
  4. garyh

    3 beautiful Imperials from our area at Mecum kissimmee this weekend

    I watched Mecum today and saw the Imperials go thru Fast. It appears Pick-up trucks are getting the Air Time and the Prices. In My Opinion !
  5. garyh

    Power steering pump mount.....nutz

    I had Lares rebuild my pump (thru Rockauto) about 5 years ago and it has been great. I Put on a new Snubber too.
  6. garyh

    '56 Imperial my parents bought in 1970.

    Very Nice ! Good for you !
  7. garyh

    TV shows with mopars

    The Green Hornet.
  8. garyh

    SOLD 187 oil pan

    Is that a 5 Quart capacity ?
  9. garyh

    Valve cover gaskets any good?

    I got their Thermostat housing gasket two years ago and it ended a major headache on my Imp. I wish they had a Silicone gasket for my '68 ,318 Timing cover on my A-100 .
  10. garyh

    NOT MINE 1969 Dodge a108 $10,000

    I read in a brochure the power brakes were a Hydro boost design for the campers . I have seen the "Power assist" steering on the A-100's But yet to see a power brake setup in the wild. Wicked Rare options for sure. I have a '68 P/U
  11. garyh

    Vacuum advance hose size ?

    Thanks halifaxhops, I am looking for a few feet of 3/16 Id tubing locally without much luck.
  12. garyh

    Vacuum advance hose size ?

    Anyone know if that is the Same size for the Choke Pull-Off to Carb. hose ? Thanks
  13. garyh

    Vacuum advance hose size ?

    Anyone know the hose size i need for the Vac.advance to Carb.on a '66 Imperial .440 stock V/A and 4 Bbl.carter carb.? Thanks in advance.
  14. garyh

    Some more classic pictures

    Nice Street name, Shitty Neighborhood !
  15. garyh

    Heater Control Valve 1964 Newport
  16. garyh

    66 fury power steer return hose question

    Rockauto and NAPA have Universal 5/8" power steering hose.
  17. garyh

    Carter AVS 4968S

    Is Woodruff Carb. still offering a Club Discount ?
  18. garyh

    NOT MINE 1971 New Yorker 4dr sedan (Minnesota, super-low miles)

    5/8 " whitewalls would be fine. Ditch the wide wides, Wrong era.
  19. garyh

    64 Imperial center bearing housing repair

    Damper Doc rebuilt (revulcanize) mine years ago.New bearing is available at parts stores.