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  1. WIRover

    65-66 Fury Fender Skirts, Two Different Styles?

    I picked up a set of fender skirts for my 65 SF and found the mounting holes/pins don't match my car, even though they appear to match the counter of the opening and shape of the body. After looking at them and some more pictures online it appears there are two styles of skirts. Found some great...
  2. WIRover

    NOT MINE 1971 Dodge Monaco 4d - Alta IA

    Not mine. Recently listed, very short on details, could be a clean one for someone closer to check out... Link: Text from the listing- 1971 Dodge Monaco Y framer, has drivetran, very clean barn find NO RUST in trunk, floors, and the entire car is a 9.5/10!! Other car is 1978 Chrystler...
  3. WIRover

    For Sale Parting 3 c bodies

    Either the Newport or blue car equipped with a cruise control? I'm looking for a 400 as well but need to find one with the mounting holes in the front of the block for a 65 motor mount... I'm down in the La Crosse WI area and could stop up. Thanks!
  4. WIRover

    SOLD 1971 Style Disc Brake Setup

    I'm interested if these are still available. Your inbox is full, send me a PM if still available. Thanks, Jan
  5. WIRover

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    From what I understand, 65 was ball and trunnion and 66 went slip-yoke.
  6. WIRover

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Thanks! It is an original 4-speed, 383 4bbl car. However the A833 in it is from a 66 or later with the slip yoke output, and the 383 is from 70 or 71.
  7. WIRover

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    I didn't buy it for the paint job, but it's starting to grow on me... The black has been put on with a household roller, but it works for now. Going to sort all the mechanical first and worry about the paint/body later. Originally a red with black vinyl top car. The best part- 4-Speed
  8. WIRover

    Welcome WIRover to FCBO!

    Thanks Everybody!
  9. WIRover

    Welcome WIRover to FCBO!

    Bought a 1965 Sport Fury 4-speed car. It runs and drives but needs work. Was looking at cheaper 70's C-bodies that I could update to fuel injection and make a fun highway cruiser out of, but could not pass up the chance to own a 4-speed Mopar. FCBO has been a good resource to find information on...