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  1. LeBaron1973

    1972 Plymouth Fury

    Hopefully someone knows of one with hidden headlights that Adam can buy, must be a few out there?
  2. LeBaron1973

    Welcome, ozmopars

    Hello and welcome from a Christchurch NZ based Aussie.
  3. LeBaron1973

    Upholsterer has my seat - unresponsive

    Wonderful news now to find a new upholstery shop.
  4. LeBaron1973

    Find of the day.

    Sadly, they'll likely end up crushed after he dies, unless family want them. The usual dreamer idea of gonna do it someday, which never happens.
  5. LeBaron1973

    White leather seat and trim refresh Leatherique is another option and apparently recommended by the Rolls-Royce owners club, probably as fussy a mob as can be imagined. Anyway, all the best with your seats.
  6. LeBaron1973

    Queer car

    There's an old saying - Act in haste, repent at leisure. Save up and do it right, at least the car is OK, not wrecked, all the best with her when funds allow the proper repairs.
  7. LeBaron1973

    A Little Project I Been Working On.....

    Brilliant, it looks great and will always remind you of your step-dad, especially when he's no longer around. Much better than tossing it away.
  8. LeBaron1973

    AMC Gremlin

    Suggest you get the transmission rebuilt as it'd be ready to install in the next one, otherwise you've wasted money shipping. The forum guys can keep a lookout for a good replacement Gremlin, the right one must be out there somewhere. I wish you well and feel sure you'll be cruising Poland...
  9. LeBaron1973

    1969 Imperial progress thread

    You've done well Julian, hopefully it'll be done before another 8 years have passed.
  10. LeBaron1973

    69 Chrysler 300 manuals?

    There are downloads available as well as reprints, unfortunately I don't know the website, those who do should respond and set you on the right path. Happy motoring with your lovely 300.
  11. LeBaron1973

    Update from Quirey Quality Design on Washer Bottles for Fuselage Cars

    Indeed, but perhaps an interesting exercise anyway, I seem to recall a thread or post where someone stated they'd got their system working again but that may have been the later Auto Temp 2 system. My main thought is that nearly 60 years on it can't be that difficult to sort out old technology...
  12. LeBaron1973

    Update from Quirey Quality Design on Washer Bottles for Fuselage Cars

    Great information about restoration parts availability and suppliers. Now if only someone could sort out the Auto Temp 1 system as I'm sure there are folks who wish their systems could be restored to function as designed. It would be quite a job I suppose, but someone with the determination of...
  13. LeBaron1973

    Marry Christmas....

    Merry Christmas to all from New Zealand, I hope it's a good one for everyone.
  14. LeBaron1973

    65 Polara Engine Bay Detail

    Looks great, well done.
  15. LeBaron1973

    Barnfind 49 Packard flower car 1 of none

    That "expert" would have been smarter to say "please send me the details as I haven't heard of this car before" rather than denying its existence when you're standing in front of it. At least the Packard records can be updated. Well done Bob.
  16. LeBaron1973

    71 New Yorker restoration finally complete

    Congratulations, she's beautiful. Happy motoring.
  17. LeBaron1973

    Imperial and Newyorker on Nick's Garage

    Love the Imperial - first year of the fuselage models, and in that rare (I think) plum color. Kind of what Julian in Germany's car will look like.
  18. LeBaron1973

    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Beautiful color Julian, must be a good feeling to start the reassembly. Great news.
  19. LeBaron1973

    1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer Hardtop Coupe

    Are you going to return the car to push button automatic or leave as a 3 speed? Good luck with it.
  20. LeBaron1973

    2022 FCBO Calendar

    Lovely photo of 2 beautiful cars, congratulations.