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    It Snowed In Phoenix This Morning

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    1970 Sport Fury Trunk Lock Emblem

    Keep seeing an ad on facebook for a company called Droplight industries. They make stainless logos and things might be a start?
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    Restoration Underway 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT Canadian Promotional Car - MCG Article

    Question, is possible for you to confirm the bolts that connect the outer cirumference of the wheel housing/ inner fender to the fender opening is 1/4-20 x what length? And when your ready to pull the wheel housing off the stub, the self tapping/ drilling bolts are 5/16. The assembly manual...
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    Hardware hell

    Think I found the way through the bucket of hardware hell. Use the assembly drawings enlarged to 18 x 24" with clear printed labels with the size and part number and a bin number? The drawing has a circle containing a reference number and letter. That references a part, type and torque. Keep in...
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    Restoration of my families grocery getter

    Just recieved this today, from MMC Detroit. Their Standard Hardware Guide. It has the promise to break down what the hardware looks like and its place on the Car. Its placement for most locations will hopefully be found in Faxons reprint of the 69-70 Body Assembly Manual. Can not stress proper...
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    WANTED Wanted: 1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial or New Yorker

    Looking to restore or a finished car?
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    What is This?

    Currently staring in a remake of this movie with my 69'. Glad there is an ending
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    Scat Packs Scat Packs everywhere

    Can never tell, look how many 1st gen Camaros and Mustangs were made. Most were used up and junked.
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    Scat Packs Scat Packs everywhere

    Love my PCP 13' RT
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    The toys that made a difference to you...

    There us a 20-30 ohm wrap of nichrome wire around a wick that is saturated with fluid. The vaporized fluid is pushed out with a air piston driven in and out if a chamber. Or very carfully by the minature fireman scooping coal.
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    Did you save your ticket stub?

    Does giving comp seats to the second tour, first rock show you toured with count? My roomate saved this for all these years. Tast of Chicago il an annual event , in my home town
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    Did you save your ticket stub?

    Ticket prices wouldnt cover the fees tacked on to todays tickets.
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    383 spark plug

    1978 Firebird F-body, passenger side front wheel removal to change out #8 plug, if memory serves
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    Evolution of the tailgate on 69-73 wagons

    Even early run to late 69 and 70. Early 69 gravity holds the top hinge down and a screw ultimately holds the lower pivot point together. Sometime late 69 and 70 the top hinge has a roll pin that goes through the top hinge/ pivot
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    Happy Birthday sixpkrt

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    Restoration of my families grocery getter

    Plymouth T7 Saddle Bronze Metallic / Iradescent, depending on what paint manufacture chip sheet you look at.
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    Restoration of my families grocery getter

    Hopefully the spray outs and the color applied will match. Not to belittle a point. Where the car was they painted it, and gave no record of paint mix. I have one now.
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    Restoration of my families grocery getter

    Picked up the remaining parts from the painter today. Hopfully this is what is needed to complete the body. Will know in the spring, need to get back cleaning the hardware and getting organized
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    Haggerty offers compitition insurace through a third party. Was going to do a track day and wanted coverage.