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    For Sale NOS 1969 - 1971 Fury Custom Suburban Left Rear Wheel Opening Molding - $175

    I did not try to clean the dirt/dust on some areas of the molding. Out of the wrapper, nice and straight. $175 plus shipping. Prefer someone to come and get it as shipping will involve a very large box. PM if interested.

    For Sale NOS 1968 Sport Fury & Fury III Left Skirt Wheel Opening Molding

    NOS, out of the wrapper. Nice finish, needs a little polish. $125.00 plus shipping. Part #3004331.

    70 vs. 71 Fury 2 door quarter panels

    I don't believe that there is any difference. The parts book shows different part numbers for '70 & '71 2-dooe quarter panels but that could be a superceded part number. @Fury Pursuit may be able to confirm.

    318 LA to 390 stroker kit

    If your radiator is a 22” then you could have a 3 row, narrow fin core installed to your original radiator. I would add a radiator style transmission cooler and bypass the transmission cooler within the radiator. Cam selection will be very important.

    WANTED Want LF wheel well molding '68 Plymouth Fury III conv.

    PM sent. FYI, if you clicked on the @FURYGT in the prior post it would give you an option to send me a PM (private message) if you clicked on FURYGT in the pop up box.

    For Sale 1967-68 Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Horn Ring Part #2823667

    FYI, that horn ring is 1967 only. The steering wheel and horn ring changed for 1968. GLWS.


    It is a one year color that wasn't very popular. The car started off as an early production car with a 318, with a scheduled build date of 8/11/1967. I have the original sales paperwork and if my memory is correct, it did not sell until May of 1968. It is a factory stripe delete car that...


    1968 Sport Fury 2-door hardtop with a 520” stroker. 1968 Fury II 4-door sedan waiting to be put back together. 1971 Sport Fury GT undergoing a restoration and a 1971 Fury Custom Suburban 3 seat wagon with the Brougham interior that is a driver quality survivor. Sorry, no photos of the wagon on...


    There’s nothing wrong with having both ‘68 & ‘71 Fury’s. I have 2 of each year. Please post more pictures.
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    Congratulations. If I had found that car on the internet, I would have gone through the struggles that you did. Love it!
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    66 Newport Backup Light Housing removal

    There are brackets on the backside of the reverse lamp assembly that hold it onto the bumper.
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    For Sale Brand New ALC Abrasive Blaster Model F-110DM Sand Blaster, Asking $650

    Never used. Reasonable offers considered. This ALC Pressure Abrasive Blaster is great for working on jobs like cars, trucks, machinery, steel, brick, glass etching and much more! From household to farm to commercial, this blaster can tackle it all. Features: Blaster has Deadman Control...
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    WIW 68 VIP

    FYI, 15” rims & tires were an option on 1968 Fury’s. Same disc brake wheel cover but it used a different center cap that did not have “disc brakes” on the cap. I had a drum brake 1968 VIP that had this option.
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    Lower ball joints, again

    If Craig doesn’t have what you need, send me a PM and I will dig into my personal stash of LBJ’s.
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    BBM Aluminum Water Pump Housing Issue

    That is strange. I had a MOPAR Performance aluminum water pump housing on one of my cars that flaked off little specks of aluminum that clogged my cooling system and I also developed a pin hole leak. In talking with the owner of the transmission shop that I use, that is also heavily involved...
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    Tire question’s from a novice.

    If your car is a 1973 and still has the original tires get 4 new tires ASAP for safety reasons.
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    For Sale 2 Nice Used 1970 - 1974 Splined Style Road Wheel Caps #3461042 - $150.00/pair.

    The black paint is faded that it in between "splines". The chrome is very nice on one with some fine scratches on the face of the cap that you would have to get up close to see them. The other one has more prominent scratches that would be okay on a driver or you could have it re-chromed...
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    For Sale 1969 - 1971 AM/FM Mono Radio

    Reasonable offers considered.
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    For Sale 69-73 AM FM knob style

    The knobs and a curved face make it a '72 or '73 Fury, Polara or Monaco radio. Have you tested it?