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  1. mcmlvii

    BIGBARNEYCARS, Our dear friend "Jer" passed away Saturday... 2nd announcement

    I always enjoyed his humor and his way with words. Loved the Batwagon too! Never met him but still sad to hear of his passing.
  2. mcmlvii

    66 Sport Fury

    Welcome. Your Fury is looking real nice.
  3. mcmlvii

    Hyper Pak Equipped: 1962 Dodge Lancer GT

    Speedo goes to 180. Must be a Canada car in Kilometers.
  4. mcmlvii

    Old stuff you still use.

    Did someone say Wright? 21-inch-long 3/4" drive ratchet from 1954.
  5. mcmlvii

    Welcome 300C to FCBO!

    Not really that interesting. More like depressing..... :) Late 80s/early 90s my brother was in the middle of a semi-dormant frame-off resto on a C when his family started growing, so the car had to go. Here's a shot of it when he first got it in the late '70s: Here's a shot of the engine and...
  6. mcmlvii

    Old stuff you still use.

    Thanks. Yes, everything gets used.
  7. mcmlvii

    Old stuff you still use.

    That photo slipped through. You must have grabbed it soon after my initial posting, as I thought I'd edited it out. I do use two of the pictured vises, the Reed (second from the right in the above photo), and the little silver Columbian in the center of that photo. The others are "spares" I...
  8. mcmlvii

    Welcome 300C to FCBO!

    Welcome 300C from Washington State. I never tire of seeing a 300-C photo. Keep 'em coming. I briefly owned one (for 1 week very long ago, but I digress), and did own a 300-G long ram 413.
  9. mcmlvii

    Old stuff you still use.

    I much prefer old tools, like you all. This'll be fun, here are a few of them: ~1910 Seneca Falls 10" Lathe 1940 Sheldon 11" Lathe 1960s Craftsman 150 Drill Press (pay no nevermind to the 2000 Mustang in the background....) 1950s Homecraft Drill Press (and HC bench grinder in the...
  10. mcmlvii

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    If you're referring to mine, thanks! I bought it off Craigslist in 2013. It had been parked since the mid-90s but the previous owner got it running well enough before selling it that I could drive it the 80 miles home (was a bit sketchy). I've been slowly getting things sorted out but it's slow...
  11. mcmlvii

    SOLD 1966 Sport Fury Grill Badge

    Your inbox is full, I couldn't send you a PM. I have one in decent shape. The main face has discoloration and a couple pits on the first R, some damage on the F, and a pit on the second R. This one isn't for you if you're looking for absolutely no pits.
  12. mcmlvii

    318 or 383?

    Looks like quite a few good parts in that parts car. Steering wheel not all cracked up, maybe a nice dash pad, console might be good, bunch of trim, etc. I would think the undercarriage is in not so great of shape, with the car sitting on the ground. Is that a Commando V8 emblem on the front...
  13. mcmlvii

    For Sale Simply, the finest-looking car ever made (imo)

    I've had plans for quite some time now of showing up at your doorstep Steve when I do ever get to SoCal, and drool over your car collection. From what I've seen you post, your cars are amazing. Bro sold his 300C back then to someone that inquired about his classified ad. I don't know where it...
  14. mcmlvii

    For Sale Simply, the finest-looking car ever made (imo)

    Steve, your 300C is gorgeous. I'd take a 300C over the Desoto, but that's just me. Back in the early 90's I had the opportunity to buy my brother's 300C for $2500 that he was in the middle of a frame-off restore but life didn't allow it at the time. Here's a peek-a-boo photo of the car behind my...
  15. mcmlvii

    1978 NYB, 392 MILES,For the sceptics.

    Is that discolored (sun-faded?) leather on the seat, or is it just my eyes or the lighting?
  16. mcmlvii

    Nicks Garage Dynos Headers, Alum intake, Holley vs Stock Manifolds, and AVS carb

    Nick's youtube channel is one of my favorites. And as jason99 said, it would be interesting for him to throw on a set of log manifolds just to see the change in hp/tq.
  17. mcmlvii

    That burn out could have gone better

    Over on the facebook page comments section they say the driver may have suffered a heart attack.
  18. mcmlvii

    Save the date: June 22nd......

  19. mcmlvii

    My 66 Sport Fury Convertible

    Your car came out beautiful. I also like the trunk side panels you made. Do the '68 marker lights in the trunk come on when the trunk is opened? I *almost* asked why your spare tire wasn't in the normal place, but then I came to my senses. Duh, convertible...