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  1. notsosan

    A couple questions

    The 440 TNT in my 66 300 has taken out couple of LH mounts. They aren't very substantial. No problems since it was chained down.
  2. notsosan

    NOT MINE 1971 Chrysler 300 Coupe - 199,000 zł - Rybnik, Woj. Śląskie, Poland

    Love the Webbers and the scoop looks good on that car.
  3. notsosan

    Dodge EV Day 2021

    The Plaid is damn fast but there is fast and fast. It doesn't crack the top 20 for a production/street legal Nurburgring lap time.
  4. notsosan

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 4dr Hardtop - C$16,900 - Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada

    Plus the same engines, 383 4 barrel standard or 440 TNT optional.
  5. notsosan

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 4dr Hardtop - C$16,900 - Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada

    Lots of cars had 1L engines back in the sixties, they just weren't built in the US. I had 65 and 68 Mini Coopers with 998CC engines.
  6. notsosan

    Oil filter question

    I use Mopar filters. Why not?
  7. notsosan

    WANTED 1966 Driver side taillight bezel

    Those taillights are hard to find. Rare and fragile. They were 1966 300 two door HT and convertible so only around 27000 cars were built with those taillights. A plater managed to make one decent set out of three for my car. The one in your photo actually looks fairly decent, most have pieces...
  8. notsosan

    How often do you shift your Torqueflite out of "D"?

    That actually is a good idea for transmission cooling. If you leave it in drive the engine is still trying to move the car and fluid slippage in the torque converter continues to make heat. I do it all the time to give the tranny a little cooling time when I am towing heavy with my truck. It...
  9. notsosan

    How often do you shift your Torqueflite out of "D"?

    I live on a mountain side. My 300 has a console shifter and I always shift down when going down hills. If I don't I can really feel the brake fade by the time I get to the bottom. It's too bad these old transmissions don't have locking torque converters to make engine braking more effective. I...
  10. notsosan

    '66 300 Rag Joint. "am I the crazy one?"

    Found this. Canadian dollars but still pricy. 1965-73 B & C-Body Steering Column Insulator-Repro
  11. notsosan

    NOT MINE 1966 CHRYSLER 300 $17,500

    First question, what are the tail lights like? Fragile, really difficult to restore and rare. 66, 300 2dr HT and Convertible only. Odd about the window crank, maybe just a lousy photo. My car has power vents. The air cleaner is the same as my 66 440 TNT air cleaner which has a decal instead of...
  12. notsosan

    My 66 yorker 440,

    My 66, 440TNT used to eat LH motor mounts until I chained it down. Nice looking 4dr HT.
  13. notsosan

    66 Dual Power Booster - options?

    It's been a few years since I did mine but I just bought a 67 master cylinder from my local parts store. It bolted right on to the stock diaphragm. Works fine.
  14. notsosan

    What to do with all these junk 440s

    65's? I thought 66 was the first year for the 440. Should be 413's if they are 65's.
  15. notsosan

    Vacuum hose, another dumb question

    Could be for a trunk release. Does your trunk latch have a little vacuum diaphragm and is there a button in your glove box? My 66 300 has one.
  16. notsosan

    Odd transmission issue, 1967 Newyorker

    Not even an old transmission issue. I had a 2001 Dodge Cummins with a 47RE transmission. It wouldn't fill the converter in park either. Idle it in neutral for a few seconds or put it in drive and wait.
  17. notsosan

    Any all original/survivor 68 440 TNT pics?

    My 66 TNT has a decal not a pie plate and round, non tapered snorkels.
  18. notsosan

    Should i spray anything?

    Dielectric grease is an insulator, not a conductor. You use it around connections where you don't want leakage like on the outside of spark plug connections, not on the contacts. There are conducting greases you can get and I have thought about using them. My 300 just doesn't go out unless I can...
  19. notsosan

    Sluggish transmission, performance?

    The torque converter drains into the transmission when the vehicle is sitting. The pump doesn't fill the torque converter when the transmission is in park so it takes a few seconds to fill it when you put the vehicle in neutral or in gear. The 47RE transmission (based on the 727 TorqueFlyte) in...