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  1. Verse

    Dismantling 66 Chrysler steering column

    I have taken this column apart years ago but I don't remember all the details. I don't want to break something! This is a standard 3 speed column shift. How do I get the shaft out of the lower bearing? Is it just a tight fit? I believe the top bearing has a snap ring on both sides of it.
  2. Verse

    Carpet padding replacement

    The padding on the back of the new molded carpet is pretty minimal compared to the original. What have you done to replace the old jute backing?
  3. Verse

    Renewing Vinyl

    For dash pads and door panels, one option to make them look almost new is to use vinyl dye. Another though is to rub down with glycerin. I used to work in the vinyl business, and this was suggested by a company scientist. It will put flexibility back in the vinyl. Glycerin can be found in the...
  4. Verse

    1966 window crank

    1966 window cranks are identical to 1967 aren't they? The listings for repop handles list them as 1967 to..., but not 1966. They look the same. Laurence
  5. Verse

    Rebuilding quarter window rollers

    I decided to attempt to rebuild my seized window rollers. I was not difficult at all. Mount the assembly in a vise, but make sure the rollers are above the jaws. They protrude past a little. Pull up the spring clips to release the rollers. Try to not go past the flat spring. Push the rollers...