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  1. Verse

    Trunk mat template?

    Does someone have a template for the trunk mat for a 1966 Newport two door hardtop? I have to make the cutout for the spare tire holder. It is up under the package shelf. Location and diameter of the hole. Thanks
  2. Verse

    1966 MSRP comparison

    The original owner of my 66 Newport intended to buy a Fury, but was persuaded to buy a Chrysler instead. The base price for the Newport was $3112. What was the base price for the Fury III 2 door with 383 2 BBL as the only option?
  3. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 4

    Here is the final installment of the base Chrysler. This is the "window sticker" for this car. Not many options. The fender tag is quite sparse. . The steering is manual. The brakes are manual too. Drums all around. But you did get the mighty 270 HP 383; with 2 BBL and single exhaust...
  4. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 3

    This is post number 3 about the base Chrysler. To continue.... Included is the illuminated ignition switch. It comes on with the parking lights. C pillar mounted interior lights. There are no other lights inside; nothing under the dash or ceiling. It is pretty dark in there. There is...
  5. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 2

    Further to my earlier post; The base Chrysler includes this equipment: Pedal dress up. Obviously there is no Torqueflight either. The transmission is a column shifted 3 speed with non-syncro first gear. A745. Carpet is included. No radio or clock either. Thankfully the heater is...
  6. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 1

    I own a 66 Newport with 4 options. It was interesting to me to see what you did get, but also what is not included in the standard basic car. I thought I would post this information for your interest. Here is my car. I am the second owner. It was in a barn for 25 years near Gaza Iowa. So...
  7. Verse

    source for fuel line

    Is there a source in Canada for new fuel lines. Also, while we are at it, brake lines? I need them for a 66 Newport.
  8. Verse

    Tire jack stowage

    For those with a 1966 Chrysler an American model; if you have the original Jack, how did you stow it in the trunk? My bumper bracket has the bolt through it. It is not held in place with the spring.
  9. Verse

    Installing Top Cat whiskers - not good

    I tried installing the Top Cat whiskers in my 66 Newport, but it is not going well. The clips are not grabbing. The slot areas are flat. The original whiskers clips were grabbing really well. Any tips?
  10. Verse

    1966 Window run channels renew

    Has any one experienced replacing the window run channels? I am looking to renew the ones in the front doors of my 2 dr Newport. What do I purchase and from who? Laurence
  11. Verse

    1966 Single Exhaust differences

    The part numbers for the single exhaust system on the NY are different than the Newport. Did the NY get a larger diameter exhaust? The part number for the rear hangar is different between them. I am wondering what the difference in the hangar is. Laurence