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    WANTED 67 Plymouth fury lower windshield trim clips

    Hi, Looking for these lower windshield chrome molding clips for my 67 Plymouth fury. Thanks!
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    WANTED 1967 Plymouth fury Bottom windshield trim clips

    1967 Plymouth fury, Looking for the push in clips that hold the bottom windshield trim to the body. It is a 90 degree clip that fits into the chrome trim and pushes into the body.
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    WANTED 1967 Plymouth fury cowl to heater box flex duct

    Hi, Looking for the piece of duct going from the cowl to the heater box. Thanks Steve
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    WANTED Wanted 1967 fury stock big block radiator and shroud with A/C

    Hi Guys, Looking for a stock radiator and shroud for my 1967 Plymouth Fury with a big block and A/C Steve
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    WANTED 67 Plymouth fury convertible rear quarter patch panels

    Looking for any available rear quarter panel patches. Below the crease line And around the wheel well. Thanks Trip