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    For Sale NOS 1967 Dodge Polara and Monaco front Park lamp assembly

    Why does the lense have a 67D on it? If its the same lense and they changed to amber it would have a 68D on it?
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    For Sale Nos 1965-1966 Chrysler Gear Shift Indicator

    An excellent 1965-66 all Chrysler models(Newport, New Yorker, 300) Gear shift indicator for cars with automatic transmissions. Part #2497706. No issues with mechanism but the gasket is crumbling away. Comes in original box. $45.00 plus 12.00 shipping(16.00 west coast states). USPS priority...
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    For Sale Nos 1967-1968 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Station Wagon reverse Light Lense

    A mint nos 67-68 Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth station wagon reverse lense and gasket. No issues with lense and gasket still soft. part #2808860. Comes with original package and punchcard. $40.00 and 10.00 shipping(USPS priority mail-USA). Prefer Paypal
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    For Sale Nos 1968 Chrysler Newport, New Yorker Front Side Marker Bezels and Lenses

    An excellent pair of 1968 nos front side marker bezels and lenses. Left and right(part #3004129 and 130). No issues with bezels or lenses, gaskets are still nice and soft. Listed as fitting Newport, Newport Custom, and New Yorker. Comes with original boxes. $75.00 plus 15.00 shipping(USPS...
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    For Sale Nos 1971 Chrysler Front Park Lamp Assembly #3478578

    A mint 1971 nos front park lamp assembly for all models chrysler. Part number on box is 3478578(right side park lamp-passenger). tested and lights nice and bright. No issues with lense, cord, plug, or housing. Absolutely a show car piece. Original gold finish excellent. Original mopar box...
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    For Sale NOS 1967 Dodge Polara and Monaco front Park lamp assembly

    An excellent nos 1967 Dodge front park lamp assembly. Tested and lights nice and bright. NO issues with lense, cord, plug, or housing. No original box. Listed as fitting both 500 models as well. $150.00 plus 20.00 shipping(USPS priority mail-USA). This is the left side(drivers).
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    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury Wheel Opening Moldings, Lenses, Emblems

    I had a sign place make them for me, had to give him an original one and some pics and measurements to duplicate. But like I said, he hasn't been able to get any more of that decal material. The original source cut back and stopped making it.
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    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury Wheel Opening Moldings, Lenses, Emblems

    Also have an nos 70 sport fury front lower valance for trade only for above parts wanted.
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    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury Wheel Opening Moldings, Lenses, Emblems

    TRADE ONLY: Have these extra nos left and right front 70-71 fury wheel opening moldings, re-chromed trunk SPORT FURY emblem(needs 3m emblem tape), excellent original trunk medallion with repro inside decal(close but not exact), mint steering wheel with no cracks and excellent grain finish, new...
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    SOLD 69 new yorker parting out

    What condition is the rim blow steering wheel in? How about the washer fluid tank? thanks Mike
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    For Sale Parting 70 imperial 4dr

    Do you know if headlight door motor is any good?
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    For Sale 70 new yorker

    Any cracks, chips, or film seperation on the front windshield? Thanks
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    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth S23 (blue, N-code in Weaverville NC)

    I spoke to him in length when he put that car up for sale in spring. That car already has had a full roof welded on and still needs the headliner installed and all inside roof trim. Thats a dash cap over the original pad. Car originally came from Florida, pretty sure that ocean salt had its way...
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    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury 383 part out

    Tried to pm you a couple times. Still like to talk to you about tilt column and the front turn signal housings. Mike
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    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury 383 part out

    Interested in the tilt steering column and the cruise control set-up. Are the front turn signal assemblies in good condition? Thanks mike
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    For Sale Nos 1971 Plymouth Fury rear Bumper Guards

    An excellent pair of nos 1971 Plymouth Fury rear bumper guards. Box didn't fair well. but the chrome brackets and rubber guards are excellent. No marks or nicks in rubber. The nut caps for attaching are missing. $160.00 plus 16.00 shipping. Will trade for 70 fury nos parts. Will be at Mopar...
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    '69 Chrysler 300 windshield question

    According to chrysler parts catalog, both the 69 and 70 C,D,P full size cars used the same windshield, part number 2893130 and 131(clear and tint). 4dr. sedan and both wagons are different.
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    For Sale 1970-71 Sport Fury Battery Guard

    Thats a good possibility, because I found 2 in a salvage yard this spring on mid 60's big chrysler's with big blocks. I've only been in the c-body game for about 4 years and got interested in the fury GT'S, so thats all I'm familiar with that the battery guard applies to. I'm sure someone else...
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    For Sale 1970-71 Sport Fury Battery Guard

    Found a machine shop with a new cnc laser cutting machine that was willing to try and duplicate the battery guard panel found on fury GT's. Used an original panel as guide for measurements and bending and the new piece came out excellent. Same gauge steel, holes and bends. Original piece does...
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    1971 and up? Chrysler New Yorker Steering Wheel Center

    An excellent 71+ Chrysler New Yorker 3 spoke steering wheel center horn cap. Woodgrain real nice as well as the center shield ornament. No cracks or gouges. All 3 mounting pegs on back good. 30.00 plus 8.95 shipping.