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  1. Barry S

    For Sale NM 67 Newport Custom 2 Door

    Not Mine - the ad says for parts, but this looks like a really complete Newport, and in relatively decent shape as well (except for the front seat . . .). For $800 it's hard to go wrong...
  2. Barry S

    For Sale 66 Chrysler Imperial being parted out

    This is in the Buffalo Craigslist. Not sure why it's being parted out, it seems like a really complete car in pretty good condition. I thought maybe this was the one that was stolen out west but that one was a 65. If your looking for some parts this might be a good opportunity.
  3. Barry S

    For Sale 66 Plymouth VIP

    Saw this today on the Facebook page '716 Sell Stuff Fast'. It's seems like a decent car but there are only 3 pictures, and the price is a bit optimistic. It's located in Lockport, NY, which is north of Buffalo. If you're interested I could go take a look (after Christmas, though, my honeydew...
  4. Barry S

    For Sale Not Mine - 71 Fury III

    1971 Plymouth Fury III for sale in 000000, PA, Price: $10,500 Not Mine - Nice 71 Fury. Here are the notes in the ad: I will have my fury for sale at the AACA Hershey fall meet in PA...October 10-13-2018 in the car corral area.Just putting it out there awhile..Nice example of an unrestored...
  5. Barry S

    For Sale 67 300 2dr

    Just saw this on Buffalo Craigslist in case anyone's interested . . . 1967 Chrysler 300 Coupe