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    SOLD 1966 Chrysler Newport Winter price $10,500

    What are you asking for your Chrysler, and do you have pics of the interior, truck, under hood? Thank you, Tim
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    Tool Question

    I believe S-K tools carry a lifetime warranty. Get ahold of a dealer for a replacement. If you want to play with it I suggest setting the tool on a hard surface with the ball up and with a brass bar tapping the ball to break it free.
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    For Sale Two '66 Chrysler 300s for Sale

    Maybe I am missing but where are the cars located.
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    For Sale 1961 Chrysler Parts

    I am looking for rear bumper guards for a 1961 Windsor. Do you have any? Thank you.
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    Studebaker purchase opportunity

    I was watching this post as I was interested in the car. I am glad to hear you grabbed it. Tim
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    Whole property generator

    I would suggest putting an electrical conduit underground and then running your electrical power lines through the conduit. At the same time, I would suggest running another conduit for the possibility of a cable or phone line (I know old technology) as long as the area was dug up. As was...
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    WANTED 1962 Chrysler Windsor

    Thank you. I will call them in a little while.
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    WANTED 1962 Chrysler Windsor

    I think I just found on on the bay site. Thank you to everyone that tried to help me and for this site. Tim
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    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 $3,500

    Do you have any contact information? Thanks
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    Replacing upper distributor bushing and related questions (CAP)

    My two cents. I think you are using the wrong bushing. I believe you should be using an oilite (a bushing impregnated with oil) bushing. I never used a reamer on one either as the reamer can close the pours in the bushing. The felt is used to slowly release the oil into the bushing.
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    Plumbing Question

    All toilets vent thru the stack that part should be ok. However the issue will probably be with the bathtub and or sinks. They will probably need to vented with a separate line connected at a point above the highest plumbing fixture (sink, shower or tub) in the house and then out of the house...
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    What to use this for in the shop?

    Since I am only seeing one shelf in the unit I would make a couple shelves then decide what I would store in the unit and that would decide if I would leave it on the floor or mounted on a wall. Since I buy oil for my vehicles by the case I might put absorbent pad on the bottom and use it to...
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    What to use this for in the shop?

    Just my thought, since it doesn't look water proof or fireproof and looks more like a metal cabinet than a safe I myself would look as it as a storage cabinet maybe for various shop items.
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    SOLD 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door $4,000

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures and where it is located.
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    SOLD 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door $4,000

    Where is the vehicle located? More information please.
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    SOLD Tach and dwell meters

    Thank you again!!
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    SOLD 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door $4,000

    I am interested. Where is the car located and I'd love to see some pictures.
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    SOLD Tach and dwell meters

    Ps. Thank you and enjoy the day!