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    1966 monaco rear shock suggestions

    Hey guys I'm looking for rear shocks for my 66 monaco. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks
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    Voltage regulator

    Do I need a voltage regulator with this electronic ignition setup?
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    Electrical problems

    Ok. Thanks
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    Electrical problems

    I changed the fuse, no change. I think I'm going to have to rip the whole wiring harness out and go through it.
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    Electrical problems

    Hmm,didn't see that. I'll check it out. Would a bad fuse there make my brake and indictator lights do weird things? Thanks for your help
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    Electrical problems

    I don't see any inline fuses in the wiring diagram.
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    Electrical problems

    Tried that. Nothing. I may try grounding all light sockets straight to the battery
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    Electrical problems

    1 have a 1966 monaco and cant get the brake lights,turn signals and front driving/turn signals to work properly. I have replaced the turn signal switch,the reverse light switch. Cleaned all connections front to back. Replaced the bulkhead connector. What's happening is, when I hit the brakes...
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    Instrument cluster removal

    Does anyone have any step by step instruction on how to remove my instrument cluster on my 66 monaco? (Canadian version). My Manual has nothing.
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    WANTED 1966 dodge monaco taillights and parts

    WTB: Rear passenger outer taillight lens with tuning fork for a 1966 dodge Monaco.
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    WANTED 1966 dodge monaco right outer taillight tuning fork

    I'm looking for a right outer taillight tuning fork (trim on taillight). For a 66 dodge monaco
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    For Sale 1966 Monaco taillights

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    66 Monaco indicator removal

    Sorry. It's a canadian model non-telescopic. I have an after market manual. Can't find anything on it. My coronet is completely different.
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    66 Monaco indicator removal

    Hey guys Can anybody give me step by step instructions on how to remove and replace my indicator arm? My manual says nothing. Thx
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    1966 plymouth fury 4 speed hump?

    Is this hump with or without floor console?
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    400 stroker

    Guys I'm looking at building a stroker motor with my 400 and would like to use parts from my 383/440's. Can anyone give me any direction on a build guide? I was told a 470 is the way to go for power and cost. Thanks
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    Hi Ross I'm working on my 66 Monaco but cant find seat covers.

    Hi Ross I'm working on my 66 Monaco but cant find seat covers.
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    66 Monaco seat covers

    Sorry for the delay guys. Yes it's a canadian model. Pictures may be tough as it's in pcs.