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  1. Boyd

    Fuse Block 65 New Yorker

    Yesterday, I checked out my fuse block in the 65 NYer. The terminals are all rusted, and it appears that the fuses may be rusted in. Thought about hitting them with some penetrating oil, but I have an appointment for windshield replacement on Tuesday and I don't want to miss it because I do...
  2. Boyd

    Power Steering Squeal!

    Any solution to cut down the power steering squeal on my 1965 New Yorker?
  3. Boyd

    Need a gas tank for the 65 NYer

    Taking the 65 to a friend's lift to pull the gas tank. Filled her up the other day and the current tank has several leaks. I think it could be ethanol. Anyway, should I have it repaired or get a new one? Where can I get one?
  4. Boyd

    In search of a 1965 Chrysler windshield

    Does anyone have or do you know where I can get a 65 NYer windshield?
  5. Boyd

    Correct Thermo

    I have a 65 NYer. The previous owner installed a 440 in it. I have decided to replace the thermostat for Christmas. The Current on is a 160. Went to Advanced and AutoZone and of corse they can only look up part numbers by Model, Make and engine size. Since there is no 440 listed, they don't...
  6. Boyd

    Power Window Switch Block

    I am looking for the switch block for the drivers side door. I have taken my out, after buying power window motors, only to find that if I squize the block and switches, the windows work. After a search for a NOS one, I purchased a GM switch, thinking that I could make it work. I could, if I...
  7. Boyd

    1965 New Yorker fuse block

    Still having my senior fade and cannot find the fuses in my 1965 New Yorker. Any chance they did not put one in my car?
  8. Boyd

    65 New Yorker windshield

    Anyone purshased a 65 Chrysler windshield lately? How was the quality?
  9. Boyd

    Quarter Window Motor

    Trying to find the plug that works on my power window motor. Bought this for my 65 New Yorker and this is NOT the motor, but it could work if I can find a plug and about 6 to 8 inches of wire. Do not want to install the motor unless I can bench check.
  10. Boyd

    Power Steering Squeel

    How do I stop the power steering squeal on my 65 NYer!
  11. Boyd

    Trim Bolts

    Trying to find the bolts that hold the trunk wisker on a 65 New Yorker. I have tried Restoration Specialties and Birmbaum with no luck. Does anyone have a go to for misc. bolts? See attached pictures. I only need 2.
  12. Boyd

    65 Chrysler wiper and light dash knobs

    OK, how do I remove the wiper and light dash knobs? Radio knobs pull off. I have to clean them and I can't take my wife's tooth brush out to the old car. I am sure I will get caught! Please help.
  13. Boyd

    What should I do?

    As many of you know, I bought a 1965 New Yorker 2 door with a 440 engine. Clearly, this is not the engine that came in the car, but it is running and is a nice rider. I have done a disk swap, upgraded the suspension, got the alternator swap working, found a transmission leak and have my...
  14. Boyd

    Power steering pumb brackets

    Have a 440 in my 65 Chrysler. I can't get the power steering pump belt to line up. Running the 440 source pulleys for the alt without AC. Seems the PS bracket only has one set bolt. Can't get the belt out there to align the pulleys. What am I doing wrong?
  15. Boyd

    16 inch wheels on 65 Chrysler

    Has anybody put 16 inch wheels on their 65 New Yorker?
  16. Boyd

    65 Chrysler fenders

    Does anyone know if the front fenders are the same on 4 doors as the coupes? I have a 65 NYer 2 door and I am thinking I need a new fender. Just want to make sure they are the same.
  17. Boyd

    Lost Air Condition thread

    I hate to do this to you guys, but I have lost my AC thread. You guys had so much info that I need. I do not need to take my air back to original. My search for AC does not come up with anything. Can someone hook me back up.
  18. Boyd

    Master Cylinder Blowout

    2 years ago, I put a Scarebird conversion in my 1965 New Yorker. I replaced the single bowl mc with a Tuff Stuff Performance 2035NB from Summit. I have driven the car very little since the conversion, but I noticed in one of the threads that I need a master for a disk/drum system. They said...
  19. Boyd

    Speedometer cable for my Chrysler

    Were do we get a speedometer cable for a 65 New Yorker? It has the 727 transmission. I called Speedway and that were asking me details of the fitting that goes into the back of the speedometer and I do not have that detail. Anyway, tried Imperial Motors at the telephone number in another C...
  20. Boyd

    Swaybar kits for the C body

    I have been shopping for a swaybar kit for my 65 New Yorker. Found Addco and Mopar at Summitt. Bigred turned me on to FirmFeel. I really like the Firmfeel, but I am not sure I want to spend the additional money. Has anybody else installed swaybars on their C bodies? Are there any others...