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  1. Derail77

    Aftermarket wheels?

    That’s why there are thousands of tires to chose from, everyone is different and likes different styles. I have some cars with stock wheels and caps and others with a custom look.
  2. Derail77

    Aftermarket wheels?

    I went with Ridley Salt Flats on my 65 NYR and like the look.
  3. Derail77

    Hello from Idaho

    I have a 1965 Chrysler New Yorker 2 door Hardtop that I purchased in 2012 when we lived in Texas. It’s mostly original but I believe has 1 repaint with original interior. Life got in the way and it had sat indoors for quite some time and now I’m going through and fixing the small things. I’ve...
  4. Derail77

    WANTED Wanted 65-68 single power window switch.

    Looking for a 65-68 single window switch. I have the bezel but the switch is needed for my 65 New Yorker.
  5. Derail77

    For Sale 65 Monaco interior parts

    I’m looking for the windows switch, I see the panels have the bezels. If you have a working switch I would be interested to buy one. Thank you!
  6. Derail77

    Door Window Seal question.

    I have a 65 New Yorker that I’m replacing the power window motors, headliner and a few other things that come up as I go. I’ve had a few issues as usual with any older vehicle and needed some advice. 1- the drivers window is separating from the upright channel trim next to the 1/4 window (wing...