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    Stubborn upper ball joint

    Aero Kroil 10 oz Penetrating Oil - 87264 - Northern Safety Co., Inc.
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    Pullys info wanted, deleting my ac, 1968 New Yorker

    Ok, I see the issue after I installed everything. The PS belt hits the water pump pulley underneath, The remedy was a smaller belt 3/8 wide rather than the standard 1/2 so the belt sits lower in the pulley. I had ask the seller of the pulley kit 68 NEW YORKER, oh well, we'll see how it functions...
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    Robert's (dad) last call!

    When your sad, remember all the great times. RIP Dad
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    For Sale 383 pie tin

    Hi, selling (1) 383 four barrel pie tin in nearly new condition, I'm guessing perhaps 20 years old 10 3/4" circumference $40.00 plus shipping from 53014. PM if interested. thank-you
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    72 coronet disc brakes to 68 fury

    ah, just to say, sorry for your loss.
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    Valley pan cover

    I'm thinking, perhaps the factory should have done something different. WHAT, I don't know. I guess they weren't suppose to last 50+ years.
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    Valley pan cover

    This is the 3rd time (different cars) I removed a rusted thru (mice urine) valley pan
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    For Sale 15" turbine hubcaps

    Hi, I've got ( 4) 15" hubcaps, they are driver condition, plus I've got 1 that can be used for parts $25.00 (EACH) plus shipping from 53014, chrome doesn't show-up on pix, so what you see is what i've got, PM if interested
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    For Sale 1971 FSM Dodge

    nearly new $20.00 plus shipping from 53014 pm if interested
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    For Sale 1967 FSM Chrysler

    used and pages are very nice $20.00 plus shipping from 53014 PM if interested
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    For Sale 1969 FSM Dodge Monaco,Polara

    used and all there. no ripped pages $20.00 plus shipping from 53014 PM for info *** SOLD*****
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    scott empty pm so i can complete transaction
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    For Sale BB Aluminum water pump

    Scott, PM is full.
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    give me an address, i'll ship and at that point I'll send you total to include shipping chg OK...

    give me an address, i'll ship and at that point I'll send you total to include shipping chg OK? mike
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    For Sale BB Aluminum water pump

    sold, I'll clean my box up. (some how that doesn't sound right) LOL update PM emplty
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    Fender tag help

    B13 built around Nov13
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    For Sale BB Aluminum water pump

    Hi, I'm sell a nearly new water pump. I had it on my 440 for about 500 miles, I've since had my original rebuilt $30.00 plus shipping from 53014. If interested PM
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    Original Carburetor?

    If you want the stainless look w/o the $$$. steel wool the tube and coat it with clear
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    Original Carburetor?

    any listing for 1969 GTX will work